Too often, men on the lookout for useful sex tips focus solely on "below the belt" issues and forget that sexual attraction is a total body thing. With that in mind, it's clear that body grooming can be an important asset when one is seeking a new partner or searching for ways to maintain the heat with an existing one. Body grooming certainly encompasses penis care, but that's only part of the grooming routine.

Hair definition

Good grooming involves many different facets, but this article will focus on hair grooming. Why? Because hair grooming plays such a key role in defining a man's "look." Many sex tips relate exclusively to the hair on top of one's head, but all parts of the body that sport hair can be attended to.

That doesn't mean that one needs to shave the hair on all parts of the body or even necessarily to alter the hair. It does mean that a man needs to take a total body hair assessment and determine what works as is and what doesn't - and what needs to be done to correct what is not working.

Hairstyle. This is the biggie, of course, and the one to which most men already pay the most attention. Finding the haircut that works best for a man's particular face is crucial. A guy should decide what he wants his haircut to say, what message it should convey. He then needs to find a stylist that can create that perfect look that no woman can resist. And, even more importantly, he needs to learn what he can do to maintain that look between cuts. The proper frequency of shampooing and conditioning, level of blow-drying, tricks for combing or brushing, etc. are essential. It can be time-consuming, but the gleam in a partner's eye makes it worth the effort.

Eyebrows. Here's where many men fall down. A certain degree of thickness in the eyebrows is appealing, but those that begin to resemble an overgrown jungle may go too far. It is also the rare man who can pull off the "uni-brow" look. Careful trimming and occasional tweezing can go a long way to improving these arches that create the all-important frame to a man's eyes.

Facial hair. Some guys are born for the sensual stubble look; on others, it looks sloppy. The same goes for beards and mustaches. It pays for a man to get some solid, honest answers from his best friends (especially those of the female persuasion) to know what level of facial hair looks best on him. And very few look good with unruly, bushy growths, so those who opt for facial hair need to be attentive to trimming.

The torso. A hairy chest can be very manly - or it can resemble a shag rug that has attached itself to one's body. Thick back hair is almost always a turn-off to a partner. Keeping torso hair to its best level is a very good idea, especially during the hot months when a man is apt to be shirtless. Remember: There's nothing wrong with waxing, especially one's back, if it's called for.

Groin hair. More and more men are paying attention to the hair around their sexual equipment. If a guy is in a relationship, it pays to ask how his partner feels about the hair down there. Many find a thick bush is sexy; others prefer a nicely trimmed thatch, while others think the totally bald look is a turn-on.

Many useful sex tips recommend some shaving of the penis hair when grooming. Shaved or not, it's essential to keep the equipment in good health through the use of a quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Those crèmes with natural moisturizers like Shea butter and vitamin E are especially good for soothing a newly-shaved penis, as well as making any penis look spiffier and healthier. It's also essential that the crème contain L-arginine, an enzyme that plays a role in nitric oxide production and therefore in aiding penile blood flow. A well-groomed body is an excellent way to showcase a healthy-looking penis.