Many people’s minds turn to self-improvement and healthy lifestyle changes around the New Year. While exercising more, eating better, quitting smoking and other common resolutions are worthwhile, men may wish to add a little something new into their New Year commitment. Consider, for example, boosting penis health, relationship health and overall wellbeing by making sexy resolutions for a spicy 2016. These sex tips will help.

Explore Thyself

The penis tends to be the focus of many men’s sexual stimulation, and it’s no mystery why. But it’s not the only hot spot on a man’s body.

The prostate gland is sometimes referred to as the male G-spot. Located on the anterior side of the rectum, this walnut-sized gland produces fluids that protect a man’s sperm. When stimulated, it can produce intense orgasm and ejaculation when combined with stroking of the penis. Men can either lube up a finger and work it back and forth in the posterior to find the sweet spot, or make use of a prostate massager to stimulate the gland. Aside from being sexually stimulating, prostate massage is actually good for the gland’s health. That’s a win-win.

If anal play is beyond a man’s comfort zone, he can opt instead to experiment with perineum stimulation. This area is located between the scrotum and the anus. Applying pressure here, especially near and during orgasm, can produce epic results.

Learn a New Trick

A partner’s satisfaction is as important as a man’s own. While a man may know what gets his partner’s motor running, it’s unlikely that he’s exhausted all possible techniques. Whether it involves the tongue, hand or penis, there are many new tricks a man can learn to heighten his partner’s pleasure and keep things fresh. A few to consider are:

- Left-to-right: Many men are familiar with stimulating a woman’s G-spot with the "come hither" finger crook; try instead exciting the spot horizontally with a left-to-right finger motion.

- Oral techniques: While going down on a female partner, try blowing on her clitoris in between licks, and/or hum gently while one’s lips are enveloping her area.

- Position variation: If she likes it from behind, try propping a couple pillows beneath her pelvis with her legs stretched out; if she likes missionary, try a pillow beneath her buttocks. These subtle angle changes can yield not-so-subtle pleasure enhancements for both partners.

Get a Toy

Vibrators make great additions to sexual play. They increase most women’s chances of orgasming during sex and are pleasurable for men as well. With the array of sizes and shapes on the market, they are quite easy to employ during many different positions.

Of course, vibrators aren’t the only options out there. Cock rings, anal beads, blindfolds, feather teasers - whatever a couple is into, there’s likely something on the market to accommodate their interests.

Learn Her Fantasy

Men aren’t the only ones with sexual fantasies. If a woman has a fantasy or kink that couples can act out together, it can make for a more intimate and sexy session. This may involve role playing, bondage, simulating scenarios such as a naughty doctor’s office visit - really, the options are only limited by what both partners get hot about and are comfortable with.

Boost Penis Health

Paying a bit more attention to penis health is always a good goal. Using proper protection and keeping the skin in good condition by using lubricant while masturbating and, if needed, during sex, are both important.

Another step men can take to enhance penile wellness is to use a quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). With Shea butter and vitamin E, Man1 Man Oil is a superior moisturizer, helping to prevent chafed skin from the frictions of masturbation and sex. Skin care is important for both the look of the penis and its ability to enjoy pleasurable sensations. Show the manhood some extra love this year by investing in its health.