If a couple’s sex life or a man’s own solo routine has grown a touch stale, one just needs a bit of creativity to put the spice back into the bedroom. Guys can make this easier on themselves by getting inspired by what’s around them - at the moment, the setting-in of fall. Ample masturbation and lovemaking are generally important for sexual health and overall wellbeing, so it’s important for men to take note of when things aren’t as good as they could be, and to make the effort to improve the experience. Try out these awesome autumnal sex tips for exciting new times, whether with oneself or a partner.

X-Rated Pumpkin Carving

Often a wholesome activity performed with the whole family, this pumpkin-carving session is best reserved for solo time or private time with one’s partner. Men can turn a jack-o-lantern into a jack-off-lantern by cutting a hole to accommodate the member. Microwaving the pumpkin for about 30 seconds (test the temperature before inserting) will make this more pleasurable, and using lube is a good idea.

Women can get in on the fun, too. Cut a "lid" out of the pumpkin with a hole inside it that perfectly fits a dildo (dildo must have a base wider than the shaft). Put the dildo in the hole, place the lid back on the pumpkin and go for a festive ride.

Blank Canvases

Many people feel inspired by the changing colors of leaves in the fall. For the artistically-inclined couple, taking their cue from nature here can lead to some very sensual, messy and colorful time with one another. Treating their bodies as blank canvases, partners can use body paint to both create works of art on one another’s bodies and to stimulate each other with each brush stroke.

Fall-Flavored Lube

While flavored lubricants, or things not actually made to be used as lube such as food items, are not ideal for partner sex, they may be a great addition to oral when the woman is performing. Pumpkin pie filling and whipped cream can be highly enjoyable components of oral sex for both the giver and the recipient. Just be sure to wash off any foodstuff before inserting into the vagina if intercourse is to follow.

Bedroom Upgrade

On a cool fall night or morning, one of the best places in the world is under the covers. And a couple can make that special place even better by using a mattress that is the right firmness for both partners and - particularly important - investing in the softest, coziest comforter they can find. This comforter should be so comforting that partners can’t resist getting into bed a little earlier, and staying in it a little later. Nothing adds to the coziness like wrapping arms around one another. The intimacy, comfort and extra time in bed will likely result in more sex.

Along with incorporating new ideas into a couple’s sex life, partners should be mindful to stay healthy. Sometimes, after the cool air sets in, people tend to become more sedentary as summer’s outdoor activities come to a close. But maintaining overall fitness is important for a healthy sex life, so don’t overindulge or under-exercise.

Men should also keep in mind that colder air can cause dry skin. And dry skin on the penis is something to be avoided. Using a quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can keep the skin hydrated thanks to its powerful natural moisturizers (Shea butter and vitamin E). Man1 Man Oil also contains vitamin C, which boosts collagen production for firmer, more radiant skin. Taking care of the manhood is important for look, feel and function, so going the extra mile by investing in skin care might be just what a man needs to step up his game.