Games aren’t just for kids. When two (or more) adults gather around a table for a game, they may be looking for something a little more edgy than your standard round of rummy. One of the best sex tips a couple can learn is how to add spice to the routine. And, since a vibrant sex life is a vital component of sexual health, partners should be eager to learn new ways to make things more interesting.

The following four stripping games will help partners turn date night into a thoroughly sensual affair.

Naked Operation

Operation is one of the more stressful games many children have played - shaky hands along with a bright red light and loud buzzer signaling failure aren’t exactly a recipe for carefree fun. But an adult twist can add an element of fun never attained before from pulling the ailments out of the man on the slab. In this game, the sound of the buzzer and the red light signal time for sexy fun - touch an edge, remove a piece of clothing.


Battleship was a favorite childhood game for many, and it can easily be revamped for extra enjoyment in adulthood. There are five ships to sink, and each can be linked to an article of clothing. One ship takes five hits; one takes four; two take three; one takes two. The amount of hits can correspond with the level of nudity the clothing removal will result in. For example, the two-hitter could be socks; the three-hitters, a sweater and a shirt; the four-hitter, the pants; the five-hitter, underwear. When one’s ship is sunk, he or she loses the article linked to the particular ship.

This game requires some patience, so if partners are feeling antsy, choose the option above.

(Bare) Chess(t)

For the couple that loves a challenge, playing a game of strip chess can be both mentally and physically stimulating. Capture a piece on the board, the other removes a piece of clothing from his or her body. As there are many chess pieces, partners will be naked before the game ends. They can either see out the rest of the game or give into their urges and abandon the board.

Strip Charades

This game is perfect for people who want to incorporate more than one person into the stripping fun. It usually consists of two teams with two members (more teams may be added). If the teammate of a person acting out a charade gets the right answer, then one member of the other team must remove an article of clothing (they can decide amongst themselves). If someone from the other team guesses right, the charader removes an article. If nobody guesses, nothing happens and the game goes on.

Incorporating these stripping games into one’s sex life may result in more frequent sensual encounters - never something to complain about! But such frequency can come with unintended consequences, one of the most common being chafed, sore penis skin. The frictions of sex can take their toll on the delicate skin, and men should take precautions to protect against this, as the penile skin needs to be in good condition to sense the most pleasure it can. Two things a man can do to reinforce the penis skin are: 1) use lubricant during sex (even if a partner is well-lubricated naturally, having a product on hand in case she becomes dry is a good idea); and 2) use a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) daily. With Shea butter and vitamin E, Man1 Man Oil moisturizes the skin. What is more, this crème is specifically designed for the penis. Regular body and hand lotions may contain ingredients that irritate the skin in a man’s most sensitive region. Investing in a skin care product made just for the area is wise.