For men, the quest for sex tips usually focuses around the sex act itself; guys tend to figure that, for them, sex is all about the penis, so women must similarly be interested solely in matters that relate directly to the vagina. While he may think that working the sex organs is all there is to successful sex, the truth is that, for many women, sex tips don't necessarily involve direct sexual contact. Along with maintaining good penis health, a man can improve his romantic time with his lover by learning other ways to turn her on.

Think beyond the act.

Guys know that men and women are built differently and that this physical difference has an effect on how they engage in sexual matters. With the equipment all on the outside of the body and accustomed to direct stimulation, men are focused intensely on the penis. With women more internally focused, there's more of an opportunity for greater variety in the approach. While direct stimulation of the vagina, through both physical foreplay and penetration, is valuable, a keener concentration on setting the mood or tending to other body parts can increase a woman's pleasure as well.

The best medicine.

Laughter is often said to be the best medicine; it may also be a pathway to successful intimacy with a woman. A recent study indicates that women tend to have more orgasms with men who tickle their funny bone.

There may be several reasons for this. Men who excel at being amusing often have a certain degree of self-confidence that may be attractive to a partner. Wit also indicates a level of intelligence that some women also appreciate. And on a purely physical level, laughter releases tension and creates calmness and receptivity, both of which can lead more easily to an orgasmic state.

Get handy.

Knowing how to give a really good massage is a gift, one that many women value highly. Rather than rushing into rubbing a woman's vagina to prepare for sex, a man might be better off breaking out some aromatic massage oils and concentrating on the shoulders, neck, back, legs, feet and arms of his partner. Releasing the tension throughout the body can be erotic even when the hands are placed in areas not known for their sensuality.

Surprise her.

All people, men and women alike, enjoy pleasant surprises. A man should take the time to think about the things that his partner likes and then find a way to incorporate those likes in a surprising manner. This can range from unexpectedly bringing a bouquet of her favorite flowers to playing a song that she mentioned is high on her list to arranging a quiet weekend getaway. Surprises of this sort demonstrate that a man pays attention to what a woman is saying and makes choices that take her own thoughts and preferences into account.

Ask what she wants.

This is often overlooked, but when a man and woman get into bed, a man sometimes assumes he knows what needs to be done. If he asks, though, he may find that his assumptions are not entirely accurate. Asking what a lady love would like before making a move not only reveals that a man is attentive and accommodating, but it may also reveal pathways to pleasure that he had not considered before.

It goes without saying that sex tips such as these assume that a man's engorged and erect penis is already in good health; yet too often a man neglects this and discovers that when his member is revealed, its appearance does not impress his partner as it should. That's why a man benefits from regularly using a quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Since dry or flaky manhood skin is a big turn-off, the selected cream should include natural hydrators (such as Shea butter and vitamin E) to help address this unfortunately common issue. A strong penis odor can also change a woman's mood very quickly, so any chosen cream must also contain vitamin A; the anti-bacterial properties of this vitamin are an effective weapon against unwanted penis odor.