Male sex toys are arguably more popular now than ever; while it's still not considered polite for a guy to drop references to his penis ring into polite conversation, people are more aware of the role that sex toys can play in a man's sensual life. They often contribute to improved penis health by creating new paths to pleasure for a guy. Still, there are situations in which a man would prefer to keep his preference for sexual playthings private - such as when passing through airport security before boarding a flight.

With that in mind, here are a few things to remember when traveling with sensual gadgets, whether on one’s person or packed away in the luggage.

If it's metal, it will unsettle.

Although plastic and silicon seem to be everywhere in the sex toy world, there are still plenty of metal-based items that many men enjoy; this is especially true in the world of penis rings. While many men enjoy the practice of wearing a penis ring during the day, it really is best to take it off when flying. For the easily embarrassed man, what could be more mortifying than stepping through a scanner and having it start blaring because it picked up on the metal penis ring he is sporting? The humiliation is only going to increase when asked if he forgot to remove his watch or anything else made of metal and will peak when a handheld metal detector is passed over his body and beeps when it is held at crotch level.

Placing the metal penis ring in a carry-on is a better idea, but there is still a likelihood that it will register with the scanner and may be pulled out by inspectors who need to make sure it's nothing dangerous. A better option is probably to check luggage instead. The best options, to avoid embarrassment at least, are to leave it at home or to buy a non-metallic ring for travel purposes.

Vibrators may shake things up - a bit too much.

Metal vibrators are much more the exception than the rule (although they are not unheard of); synthetic-based materials that are firm yet have a degree of softness are much more the norm nowadays. However, the electronics that allow the vibrator to operate are a potential problem with security.

This is also true of the anal plugs that feature a vibrating option. As with penis rings, some men enjoy wearing these anal plugs throughout the day, sometimes with the vibrating option engaged and other times with it off. In either case, it can create an embarrassing situation similar to wearing a penis ring through security.

Although not in the vibrator family, penis pumps that are powered by a motor can also be a potential reason for carry-ons to be inspected.

Cuffs can catch one up.

Many men enjoy harmless fetish play that can encompass many sex items - including metal handcuffs, nipple clamps and studded dog collars. All of these are likely to be made at least in part of metal, so the chance for them to set off an alarm is high. Handcuffs especially can be problematic; while they are an acknowledged part of fetishistic play for many people, airport security guards may be more inclined to believe they could be used to immobilize a pilot or other airplane official.

Packing away sex toys is the best option for flight travel, not just for security purposes but because wearing some of them while in the physically restricted space in an airplane may eventually lead to a sore penis. Whatever the cause of a sore penis, using a top notch penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can help provide relief. Although the cream should definitely include the hydrating power of vitamin E, the best ones also include vitamins A (to fight penis odor) and C (renowned for important collagen production). Employing one with acetyl L carnitine will also help to maintain all-important penis sensitivity, which some sex play can impair.