Ho, ho, ho! With Christmas fast approaching, it’s past time that a man makes sure that Santa is bringing delightful gifts for the special lady (or ladies) in his life. Of course, sometimes Santa is too shy to give a woman certain gifts, so it behooves a man to step up and take charge of any sex toys that might please his special woman - and that can consequently enhance his own penis health by giving his favorite body part pleasure as well. There are all sorts of "naughty" gifts that can be stuffed in a stocking, but for those who need a little guidance, the following should be of help.

Let it vibrate

If a woman has any interest in sex toys at all, it’s hard to go wrong with a vibrator. For the newbie who has never experienced the pleasures of vibratory titillation, it’s probably wise to start small - something like a daintily-sized wand might be good, or perhaps a vibrating egg. Those more experienced in this area may welcome something with a bit more heft and size to it.

Even though Santa may have given the vibrator to her, don’t forget that sharing is a big part of the Christmas spirit. An interested man should invite his partner to apply the vibrator to his penis and other sensitive spots so they both can reap the benefits of this toy.

Let it penetrate

Vibratory stimulation is delightful, but many women may prefer something non-electronic for penetrative purposes. As with vibrators, dildos come in all sizes (and in some variations on the basic phallus shape) - not to mention an array of colors. Determine what specific style is right for the lady love and give it a try.

Of course, there are other penetrative options as well. For example, ben wa balls, which are a string of balls (sometimes in different sizes) are among the most popular of sex toys.

Many men are hesitant to encourage a woman to use a penetrative device, especially one which is of a size or shape that seems to outshine their own very fine penis. However, most women prefer these devices as an "additional" toy rather than as a replacement for the real thing.

Let it glide

Many couples use lubricants, either with sex toys or with their own personal playthings, so why not consider adding a little fun here? Some lubricants come with a flavor or a scent, and assuming neither partner reacts allergically to it, this addition can make sex a little more playful and fun.

Let it roll

Dice as sex toys? Sure. Some manufacturers create dice which replace the numbers with sex positions on one (missionary, doggy, etc.) and locations (bedroom, kitchen, etc.) on the other. Of course, a couple can create their own, simply by listing what each number means - and they can personalize it as much as they want. (One=kiss me on my right thigh, Two=rub my sexual organ with lubricant, etc.)

Let it loose

Some sex toys are good for letting inner desires out - handcuffs, whips, leather restraints, etc. A word of advice, however: be sure to discuss this beforehand in order to avoid an awkward reaction on Christmas morning.

Santa can bring delightfully naughty sex toys, but a man needs to make sure his own personal sex toy is in good health before presenting it to his partner. Regular application of a top flight penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help significantly. Make sure it looks properly handsome - with no cracks or flakes or dry skin - by using a crème with potent moisturizing agents like vitamin E and Shea butter. If the crème also contains vitamin B5, so much the better; this vitamin is essential for cell metabolism and the proper maintenance of healthy penile tissue.