The use of sex toys can open up new vistas for many couples. For men, cock rings, imitation vaginas and anal plugs are among the more common items in this category, but the male chastity device also has many adherents. Used with proper attention to penis care, a male chastity device can provide men with an opportunity to expand their sexual horizons.

What is it?

Simply put, a male chastity device is a tool which prevents a man from being able to utilize his penis in a sexual manner. This includes both partner-based sex and masturbation.

Typically, the male chastity device is a "cage" which fits over either just the penis or over the penis and balls. The device may be made of metal, rubber, silicone, or another substance. It may be fairly solid, covering most of the penis and/or balls, or it may be more "skeletal" in nature and have some open gaps in it. There is a slit in the end of the device so that a man may urinate while wearing it.

When wearing the chastity device, the man (or another person) is unable to stroke and stimulate the penis, minimizing the possibility of erections. In addition, the device is designed with little "wiggle room," so that when a non-manually-stimulated erection occurs, it has less room to grow and so tends to soften rather quickly.

What is the appeal?

The device is typically designed to be locked, so that the male wearing it is unable to remove it. Men who enjoy wearing chastity devices are engaging in a form of orgasm control and/or orgasm denial.

In theory, a man wears a chastity device to which his partner has the key. The idea is to wear the device for extended periods of time, often several days. During this time, the man is not able to fondle himself or be fondled. When he does become aroused, he is unable to masturbate or engage in other forms of sex, so that he may experience frustration. Often, the partner comments upon this in a manner which demonstrates her/his dominant role in the relationship - he or she now effectively "owns" the man’s penis and is able to decide how long he must undergo sexual frustration before being allowed relief. Men who enjoy submissive play may find this tremendously exciting.

Not always so long

In practice, many couples use the chastity device for much shorter periods of time - usually just a few hours, role playing a dominant-submissive role but with an end in clear sight. This allows a man to indulge a wish for submission without losing total control. This can also be intensely erotic for some men.

There are some good reasons for limiting the amount of time one spends in a chastity device. If the device does not fit correctly, it can cause the penis to become raw and sore, and this can lead to some de-sensitization. A too-tight device can also cut off circulation or pinch the skin in a painful manner. Additionally, many doctors believe that using such a device for more than a few hours at a time has the potential to do long term-damage. However, many men who use one appropriately and for short periods of time find that their orgasms when released are exceptionally vibrant.

All sex toys should be used with care, and the male chastity device is no exception. If the penis experiences minor irritation from its use, regular application of an exceptional penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help provide relief. If penis sensation has diminished somewhat from use, a creme with acetyl L carnitine can help reverse the problem. This ingredient helps to soothe peripheral nerve damage, which is responsible for much of the loss of sensation resulting from a rough sex situation. Since blood flow is crucial for penis function, the crème must also contain L arginine, an amino acid that aids the relaxation of penis blood vessels so that there is ample room for blood to flow in and out as needed.