As many couples gear up for travel around the holidays, some may be wondering if time away from home is going to mean time away from sex. Being on the road and spending time with family aren’t necessarily conducive to intimate encounters, but there are a few ways couples can make the occasional romp more likely while traveling. The following tips for facilitating opportunities and practicing proper penis care on the road may help

Talk beforehand.

If people are staying with family, it’s good to discuss beforehand whether or not sex might be on the table. If one knows his or her family will be out of the house for a while, then one can mention the possibility. However, if it’s unlikely to happen, one should let a partner know this before setting out so he or she is not suddenly hit with a surprise dry spell. If it might be possible to engage in sex while traveling, keep in mind the following.

Bring everything.

At home, a couple is used to having condoms and lubricant close to hand. As such, partners may forget that these necessities aren’t likely to be tucked away in the nightstand of a guest room or hotel room. Keep condoms and lubricant in their own special little travel case - preferably a darkly-colored one so that the contents aren’t accidentally exposed to grandma or other relatives nearby when the luggage is opened for other purposes

Think of clean-up.

Along with bringing lube and condoms, couples have to think about post-coital clean-up. Again, at home, they likely have a box of tissues near the bed to clean semen off themselves. Partners should be sure to stock their room, if staying in a guest room, with tissues or toilet paper with which to tidy up after

Think of disposal, too.

If a couple is staying with family and is able to discreetly engage in sex, they need to think beforehand about where they are going to dispose of condoms and perhaps the wad of semen-soaked tissues that is left over from their romp. It’s a good idea to bring a plastic bag or two so that they can keep their own trash and dispose of it elsewhere. Nobody needs their parents or other relatives taking out the condom-filled trash from the guest room.

Consider a hotel.

For many couples, it’s just not desirable to get down and dirty while family members are in the same house. Add in a squeaky bed and the deal is off. Booking a hotel room nearby can assure time and space for private interactions with a lover.

If sex just isn’t in the cards this holiday travel season, consider this an opportunity to take a break, build up one’s stores and ramp up the suspense for a couple’s first night back home. A couple can even schedule to stop somewhere for the night on the way home if they just can’t wait to dive in. If staying with family is necessary over the holidays, perhaps one night in a hotel on the return trip is doable. (Note: Avoid sexual activity of any sort while driving! No matter how tempting, this is never safe.)

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