Sexting is not just an activity for partners who have sex in real life; people who’ve never engaged in the act together can enjoy this over-the-phone form of sensual activity. But there are things to keep in mind, especially when sexting someone that a man has not been sexual with physically. Along with maintaining proper penis care (hello, dick pic!), the man in a sexting relationship would do well to consider the following etiquette tips for keeping his dirty texts respectful.

Start with flirtation.

If a guy wants to sext with a woman, that doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to. In the interest of not making anyone uncomfortable, it’s important to ease into it. Men can "test the waters" by starting with gentle flirtation. If she flirts back, amp it up a little. If it becomes obvious that she’s interested in the guy, he can initiate sexting by saying something like, "How would you feel if I told you what I’d like to do with you right now?" There’s nothing unsexy about asking, and she’ll appreciate the consideration.

Ask what she likes.

As with asking whether sexting is something a phone buddy wants to engage in, it’s good to ask a sexting partner what she likes. One wouldn’t want to jump in with something like, "I want to shove my rod so far up your behind…." or, "I want to chain you to a fence and…" Way too intense, unless one knows that his sexting partner is into such things. If a man wants to introduce some new line of thinking and conversing, he would do well again to test the waters. He can ask, "How would you feel about handcuffs?" or, "Would you like it if I put it [x]?" Any bondage, rough stuff, name-calling, entry into new orifices, etc. should be discussed slowly.

Don’t beg for anything.

It’s no surprise that men generally enjoy looking at naked photos. One’s sexting partner knows this, and likely knows that photos will be desired from her. But a man shouldn’t beg for them. She might just want to keep it to words, and he needs to respect that if such is the case. Whiny begging is not sexy, and neither is pressure.

Hold off on the dick pics.

Some guys think that women are as interested in checking out what’s in their pants as they are in seeing a woman’s nether regions. But it’s just not always the case. She might not want to see it. Simple as that. Having a surprise dick pic pop up in one’s inbox is pleasant for some, but not for others. Don’t spring it on her. Either wait for her to ask, or ask her if she wants to see what’s in tow downstairs.

If she wants it, make it special.

If she does want to see it, a man can present his tool in a special way for her. Consider displaying it erect, perhaps in hand, with a picture of her in the frame. If she wants a video, he can film the big finish as he looks at a picture or video of her. Finally, consider highlighting the final product. A man can release onto something darkly colored to show her what she helped produce.

Of course, if a man is to feature his member in a picture or video, he wants to make sure it’s in peak condition. Tending to any skin issues that may be present by using a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is a great option. Vitamin C promotes collagen production for firm skin, while Shea butter and vitamin E provide and lock in moisture.