When it comes to physical contact with a romantic partner, many men are a bit hyper-focused on getting straight to the naughty bits. But physical contact beyond the nether regions is important, both for sexual health and for the health of a relationship overall. Since a healthy sex life is important for penis health as well as general wellbeing, men should make it a priority to learn about ways to improve their intimate relationships. Doing so will benefit a man’s partner as well, of course. This article will consider physical contact broadly, from non-sexual intimacy to foreplay.

Non-Sexual Intimacy

The quality of sex two partners have often depends on how they feel about one another outside the bedroom. Sure, a hot fling with a stranger may be enticing at times, but in a sustained relationship, it’s important to establish heat outside the sack.

That’s why intimate touch that does not come with the expectation of sexual gratification is important in a relationship. By being physically engaged with a partner for its own sake, a couple can grow closer; this could lead to better sex and to a better relationship as a whole.

Consider the following forms of non-sexual intimate contact:

- Hand-holding: Holding hands is sweet, but partners can take the activity a step further by caressing one another’s hands with their thumbs, or tracing one another’s fingers and palms. This attentiveness shows a partner one’s affection in an enhanced way.

- Kissing: Many couples fall into "kissing routines" that make the activity rather mechanical - a peck hello, goodbye or goodnight; a set pressure and rhythm just before having sex. But there are so many ways and times to kiss - out of nowhere; hard; soft; nibbling the other’s lower lip; a little tongue; a lot of tongue. Break up the routine - try remembering the first kiss, and recreate that intensity from time to time.

- Cuddling: It’s hard to overestimate the intimacy created between two partners when cuddling. Instead of sitting next to one another on the couch, try lying down and spooning when watching a movie or TV show. Or, have one partner lie on the other’s lap, while the seated partner caresses the one lying down.

- Massaging: This can be anything from a quick, practical shoulder rub after a stressful day to a prolonged, full-body experience. Massages can be administered casually, while watching TV or a movie, or they can be more planned, with candles and oils.


Many men need to be reminded of the importance of foreplay; while his member may pop up quickly, his partner’s equipment may require a bit more priming.

- Erotic kissing: Many women have very sensitive ears and necks, as do many men. Kissing or gently nibbling these areas can be incredibly arousing for a woman. A man should also inquire into any other areas a woman is particularly fond of, such as the nipples.

- Appreciating the body: Taking time to caress and admire a woman’s full body brings an attentiveness and sensuality to the experience unmatched by a quick "checking off" of the hot spots before penetration.

- Oral play: Many women find oral play just as pleasurable as men, and men should not forget that. Through practice, a man can learn his lady’s favorite rhythms, pressures and techniques, such as blowing gently on the clitoris or lightly tapping it (ask first before attempting the latter).

- Talking dirty: Many partners like to tell sensual stories or talk dirty to one another. Comfort levels vary widely here, so partners should discuss what they are into beforehand.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of non-sexual and sexual physical contact. Partners can explore with one another to discover their unique preferences. Some things are universal, though, and one of those things is the desirability of a healthy, fresh manhood. Along with washing regularly, men can consider using a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to keep their penises smooth, soft to the touch and free of unwanted odors. The best crème will include Shea butter and vitamin E for hydration, as well as vitamin A, the antibacterial properties of which help fight odors. Touch a partner often and in many ways, and make sure one’s own equipment is inviting of touch.