Creativity is the long-distance lover’s best friend. Whether it’s casual or committed, a man in a long-distance relationship would do well to find exciting ways to give his partner pleasure from afar, helping to maintain connectivity and the sexual health of the relationship. While it’s important that a man experience reciprocal attention from his partner, this article will focus on ways a man can titillate a female partner from a distance. Besides, a man should cultivate the ability to derive enjoyment from his partner’s pleasure if he does not possess it already.

Tell Her a Story

One basic way to stay connected sexually is to treat one’s partner to a sensual story with her pleasure as the central theme. This means a man must first know what gets her going. This knowledge may have been obtained through explicit conversations of kinks, comfort zones and off-limits topics. Or, a man may know from a combination of discussions and actual in-person experience with the partner. Either way, knowing what she likes and what she doesn’t are equally important for an effective story.

Telling such a story may be a bit more difficult than a man imagines, since detail is key. This requires a fair bit of attention, focus and creativity on the man’s part. But be not discouraged - doing some thinking beforehand about how to describe what one would like to do to a lady lover and honing his story-telling skills with practice will likely result in great stories in short time.

Along with the obvious - describing her favorite positions and pumping rhythms, for example - a man ought to describe sexy foreplay scenarios as well to build suspense. Sensual or not, every good story starts with something to hook the reader. A man wants his lover to be eager to read or hear more. Good foreplay scenarios include teasing around her favorite sensual zones as well as vivid descriptions of the way a man uses his tongue and his hands on his partner.

Control Her Toy

If a man’s partner enjoys masturbating with a vibrator, as many women do, this can supplement the story and bring its effects to new levels - particularly if a man is in control of the vibrator’s speed. If she likes to crank it up all the way, he can have her put it on a low setting at the beginning of story time, and instruct her to turn it up little by little as the story builds. This has a way of transcending the distance between the lovers by giving the sense that a man is directly pleasuring his partner.

Provide Visual Aids

Just as men often enjoy looking at porn, many women enjoy visual aids while masturbating. Not all women are into dick pics, but if a man’s partner likes them, he can amplify her experience by sending her pictures of his manhood that she can revel in while reading or hearing about how he wants to please her with it.

Taking a flattering photo of the penis might take some time, and a man can experiment with this - angle and lighting are important. Take some time to practice before firing off a series of photos to one’s lover.

Another important consideration when providing one’s lover with personalized visual aids is the skin condition of the penis. Some men have dry, flaky skin on the manhood, and that’s not pleasing to look at (or touch, for that matter). To make his penis look and feel its best, a man would do well to use a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Applying such a moisturizer daily can protect the delicate penile skin from the frictions of the day and night, keeping the skin smooth, supple and sensitive. One’s lover will appreciate the extra attention to detail; more importantly, a man’s penile health will be improved with a quality skin care product in his regimen.