Every man likes to think he is Casanova in the sack, and that his partner spends hours every day dreaming of the next time they are together because she just can’t get enough of what he’s got. However, the reality is that most men fall somewhere in between fail and fabulous when it comes to their sexual performance, and there are things he is doing - or not doing - that may be less than thrilling. Keeping the following Do’s and Don’ts in mind when it comes to the next performance may help to enhance the experience for both partners; and guys should never forget the importance of proper hygiene and penis care.

DO have protection on hand at all times

When it comes to bedroom etiquette, it really is the man’s job to make sure that there is protection available, unless he is in a committed relationship with a partner and they have already discussed birth control and their past sexual histories. Nothing is a bigger turnoff than having to scramble at the last minute to see if there is a condom in the bathroom cabinet, and few women are able to relax and enjoy the moment if they are concerned about picking up a nasty infection or getting pregnant.

DON’T focus only on her orgasms

Women generally do hope for a partner who is sensitive and concerned about her pleasure, rather than just grunting and grinding his way to his OWN without giving her a second thought. On the other hand, a man who is overly attentive can also be off-putting, and his attentions may backfire if he is constantly asking how she is doing and whether she is going to come. Keep in mind that it takes some concentration to reach an orgasm, and constant interruptions can take away from her focus. On top of this, she may feel like he will not be satisfied unless she comes, causing her to feel anxious instead of ecstatic.

DO focus on the moment

Rather than constantly pursuing the end result of a session in the sack, try to keep the attention of both partners in the moment. Let her know what feels good right now, and ask her to do the same. Saying things like "I love it when you do that," or "how does it feel when I touch you there" is much more romantic than constantly asking "are you going to come yet?"

DON’T neglect hygiene

No woman wants to deal with a man who hasn’t taken the time to clean himself up properly. Even if he manages to get past third base, a guy who has a smelly crotch and a bush of coarse hair is likely to gain nothing more than a mumbled excuse and a peck on the cheek as she rushes out the door. Every man’s personal hygiene efforts should include, at minimum, a daily shower. Trimming the hairs in the area, or shaving them off altogether, can also cut down on funky odors and make the whole experience more pleasant for both partners.

DO use a penis health cream

To ensure that the penis is not only clean and touchable, but also responsive to her every touch, applying daily penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can give a man a one-up in the bedroom. A formula that is enriched with targeted nutrients that are noted for their support of penis performance may help to ensure that his manhood is ready and willing to participate whenever she gives the signal. Look for a crème that contains L-arginine and acetyl L carnitine, which are essential to erectile function, and make sure a high-quality moisturizer such as Shea butter is included to reduce the chances of friction-related injury that can come with lengthy sessions in the sack.