Okay guys, there’s no denying it; men are terrible at reading women. Is this a harsh generalization? Sure. But is it true? Most of the time. Whether it is mistaking her cues that she wanted a romantic getaway to celebrate the 1-year anniversary instead of that gym membership, or not kissing her on the first date when she was clearly putting out the vibe, men have never been great about knowing what women want. Of course (occasionally) the woman can be to blame for not being 100% clear with her intentions - but it is still somehow a guy’s job to figure it out. So, single guys, it’s time to test the dating IQ and see which of these subtle - and sometimes not so subtle --cues that a girl likes a guy would go unnoticed. A few useful tips for penis care are also provided, so when maybe becomes a clear yes to a sexual relationship, there will be no reason to hold back.

1) She dresses super cute, even though she may say something to the effect of, "Oh, this old thing?" when complimented on her fancy duds.

2) She goes out of her way to walk past him at the bar, club, library, mall, etc.

3) She pretends to like his friends, maybe to get the inside track on him, or maybe so they will tell him what a cool chick he is dating - or should be dating.

4) She is always dishing out the hugs to him, but may hold back on hugging other guys.

5) She posts about him on Facebook. Though she may be playing it cool by not directly mentioning him in a status update, she might post about how she just had the best date ever - insert winky face here.

6) She makes up fake reasons to text him, just to get the convo rolling. Excuses may include that she: just saw his car drive by (she didn’t), just randomly thought of something he would be interested in (she obsessed for hours about the text), found this men’s watch in her car and thought it might be his (there is no watch, she’s trying to see if he’s jealous); the list goes on and on.

7) She tweets about things he likes, hoping he will see it.

8) She smiles back when he smiles at her; she can’t help it.

9) She makes excuses to accidentally touch him, like bumping his arm when reaching for the chips at a party.

10) She invites him to a group hangout that, mysteriously, everybody else bails on at the last minute, creating a one-on-one setting.

11) She touches her lips, or licks her lips often. No, she’s not necessarily consciously seducing him, but this type of body language is often an involuntary cue a girl likes a guy.

12) She wears skirts and no coats in the winter when going out because it is cuter - and she insists she’s not cold, unless the guy she likes offers her his coat.

13) She asks for help on something she doesn’t need help with, just to get some one-on-one time.

14) She stalks him on all forms of social media and has his profile memorized so she can talk about things he likes while chatting.

15) She is always ready to help him out, spot him money for food, buy him a drink or give him a ride somewhere.

16) She might coincidentally show up at places he "checks-in" to on Four Square.

17) She laughs at his jokes. Even the really dumb ones.

18) She plays with her hair when he’s around.

19) She stares at him from across the room until he makes eye contact, then does something like laugh hysterically, quickly look away, or even flirt with another guy to make him jealous.

20) She asks him out, or tells him she likes him. Even an oblivious guy should get this one!

Keeping the Penis Ready for Action

Once it has been settled that she does, in fact like him and want to go out with him, it is not necessarily OK to expect to get some action, at least for the first few dates. However, he should keep his penis in perfect date condition just in case. Maintaining excellent hygiene, trimming, shaping, or shaving the hair down there, and keeping the skin hydrated and free of bumps or ingrown hairs all help make the penis more attractive and ready for a close-up encounter with a new lady friend. Using a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) is an excellent way to improve and maintain the health of the penis. An all-natural penis lotion can help moisturize the skin -- keeping it smooth to the touch -- fight odor causing bacteria, and banish penis pimples and red spots, so apply after the daily shower to stay date-ready, just in case.