Most holidays are pretty wholesome, and this is certainly true of Christmas - Santa Claus, cookies and silly wrapping paper, not to mention spending time with family, generally make this a rated-G holiday. However, there’s no reason a man can’t take the occasion as an opportunity to spice things up with his lover. While sexy Christmas gifts may not be appropriate for very new couples, those who have established trust, communication and comfort around sex can benefit immensely from intimate stocking stuffers. Along with practicing appropriate penis care for his lover, a man can gift him or her with the following delights - some specifically for the other’s pleasure, and some for them to share in.

1) Sex Position Book

The number of possible sex positions ends with the imagination (and, of course, some natural physical limitations). Gifting a lover a book on sex positions - be it the traditional Kama Sutra or a more modern version - can be a real treat for both partners. Make sure to tailor the gift to a partner’s desires; if he or she isn’t comfortable looking at porn, for example, a book with illustrations rather than pictures of people in the act may be preferable.

2) Vibrator

There’s great variety on the vibrator market. If a partner is new to this tantalizing toy, starting small with a little "egg" or a design that fits on the finger may be best. If he or she wants a dildo and vibrator combo, this should be taken into account. There are vibrators on the market that warm up, and still others that can be operated by a remote control, so the partner can be surprised when the other kicks it into gear from across the room. Get creative; peruse the many options available, and think of what a partner might enjoy most.

3) Sexy Games

There are several sexy games for playful couples to indulge in, and they make great gifts. Such games include raunchy "Truth or Dare" compilations, with dirty secret-sharing and dares to perform sexual acts, and dirty dice games in a similar vein.

4) Bondage Kit

Many couples are interested in exploring bondage; some discuss it, but never seem to get around to it. If partners have discussed this but dropped the ball on it, holiday time might be the perfect opportunity to pick it up again. Go for luxurious blindfolds, fancy cuffs or other restraints and soft feather dusters. If a couple is already engaged in basic bondage and interest has been expressed in taking it to a new level, perhaps this is the time to get more restrictive restraints, whips, etc.

5) Lingerie Gift Certificate

Buying lingerie for a lover works out for some men; for others, it can be a bad experience. What if it doesn’t fit? What if his lover is turned off, or even offended, by his choice? For these reasons, some men might prefer to slip a gift certificate to a quality lingerie shop into his lover’s stocking. Or, if his partner isn’t too invested in surprises, he can simply offer to take his partner on an exciting shopping trip.

6) Sex Shop Gift Certificate

If a man isn’t sure what type of toy his partner would be into, though he or she has expressed interest in toys before, then a gift certificate to a high-class sex shop is a great present, as it allows the partner to explore the options and pick out something for him- or herself. As with lingerie shopping, a man may also opt to take his lover on a shopping trip and share the experience.

A Gift for the Penis

Some people like to give themselves a little gift on Christmas, and why not? Men should consider treating themselves - and their penises - to a quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Along with keeping the skin smooth and hydrated during the dry winter season, such a product can help protect a man’s penile nerves and therefore maximize penis sensitivity - this means greater pleasure when indulging with his partner in the sexy gifts he gives.