Feeling anxious about what to put in her stocking? Many people fall into a holiday routine and fill stockings with the same old predictable things each year. Go off script and stuff her stocking with sexy gifts this year, and she may be eager for her lover to stuff something else. Each of the options below are fun for a woman and her partner as well. Since maintaining a vibrant, active sex life is important for sexual health as well as the good of a relationship, it’s always a wise idea to think of ways to add a little spice into the mix. Consider the following stocking stuffers, which will heat up her winter.

Position of the Day Cards

With 52 unique positions, this is not an average deck of cards. "Pick a card, any card" will never quite be the same again.

Vanilla Bondage Kit

If partners have expressed interest in bondage, the Vanilla Bondage Kit is a great starting place. It features a vanilla-scented blindfold and silky soft ties that can be used around the wrists or ankles, all packaged in a cute container that resembles a pint of ice cream.

Chocolate Body Paint

What goes better with vanilla than chocolate? This great stocking stuffer allows partners to write sexy messages on one another, or apply the paint to parts of their bodies they want licked.

Peppermint Lubricant

Swiss Navy peppermint lube is a great way to incorporate the holiday spirit into sex play. A lubricant that smells great, tastes great and freshens one’s breath? That’s a win. Note: Some people are sensitive to flavored/scented products; the lube should be tested on a small area before applied liberally to the delicate bits.

Sexy Lottery

Everyone wins big with Kinky Sex Scratchers, featuring 100 scratch-off games whose results range from silly to downright kinky. Before gifting, a partner should peruse some of the tickets to make sure they are in line both with a couple’s desires and the partner’s sense of humor.

Mini Vibe

She might not be expecting anything elaborate in her stocking, but slipping in a small, high-quality vibrator, such as an egg or bullet variety, may give her a surprise she enjoys over and over again.

Nipple Magnets

For women who like a little pain along with nipple stimulation, consider the gift of magnetic nipple balls. The set comes with eight little balls, four of which can be placed around each nipple for stimulation and pressure.

Kegel Exercise Balls

Exercising has never been so enjoyable. These balls go inside her vagina and help strengthen her pelvic floor muscles, which contributes to better orgasms. What’s more, they stimulate her while she wears them. This toy can be worn as she runs errands for some naughty public (but discreet) excitement.

A partner is bound to appreciate the attention a man has put into this sexy stocking. He can reward himself with a gift to himself - one that also stands to benefit both partners while boosting his own health.

There are several sexy gifts a man can get himself. Interested in trying a sex toy? Want to experiment with different condoms? Another idea for pampering the penis this Christmas is to invest in a quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). With Shea butter and vitamin E, Man1 Man Oil moisturizes the penis to keep the skin smooth, supple and pleasant to the touch. It also contains acetyl L-carnitine, which protects nerves from the type of damage that can occur due to rough handling over the years. Good skin condition and healthy nerves are imperative for a man’s sexual enjoyment. Give oneself the gift of penis health this year.