Boxers or briefs? The decision may be one the typical man spends little time contemplating. Likely, his decision mostly comes down to comfort and maybe even a little bit of style. However, the truth of the matter is, what a guy is wearing under his jeans may have more of an impact on his sexual health than he is aware. Learn which style is best suited to optimal penis health and why.

Although the old question usually revolves around "boxers or briefs," there are more styles of men’s underwear than just these two. Men who are especially protective of their twig and berries may be wise to have more than one style available depending on the occasion.

Boxers: This style is, of course, a more breezy variety popular among men who wish to keep their goods aired out and nice and cool. However, the cooler temperatures may not only be more comfortable for some men; they are also actually the recommended type of underwear for men who are trying to conceive. For optimal fertility, the sperm perform better if they are housed in a slightly cooler facility, as this can increase both sperm count and motility. Other underwear styles keep the boys smashed up against the man’s body, which raises their temperature a couple of degrees, and this could make all the difference when trying to bring home that bundle of joy. So, especially while trying to conceive, men should wear boxers as often as possible.

Boxer briefs or briefs: The difference between the two comes down to the length of the legs. Standard briefs - known as tighty-whiteys - are cut right at the top of the thighs, whereas boxer briefs come down onto the thighs at varying lengths depending on the specific style. Both styles are much more form-fitting than boxers and keep the entire package snugger and better protected than boxers. No flapping in the wind while wearing briefs! Men engaging in light exercise such as jogging, biking, weight lifting, or other types of non-contact athletics should wear briefs to provide extra support for the penis. If left uncontained, bouncing, running and other movements can quickly lead to painful chafing of the penis and even soreness from bouncing due to a lack of support. For super-sweaty activities, men should consider investing in higher quality sports briefs, as run-of-the-mill cotton drawers do not wick sweat away from the body. A sweaty undercarriage can lead to overheating, chafing, and unpleasant penis odor.

Jock strap with a cup: These little beauties have a plastic surface that covers a man’s junk, as well as elastic straps that keep it snug against the body. While these certainly are not for all day wear, it is essential that a man wear them during any type of contact sport. Though a game of basketball with the son or nephews may seem harmless, a good nut shot with the basketball is not only incredibly painful, but it can also severely damage the tissue of the penis. Known as Peyronie’s disease, a painful curvature of the penis can form after blunt force trauma to the penis - such as that line drive baseball straight at the crotch off a toddler’s bat -- causing scar tissue to form and the penis to bend in unexpected directions. This curve can make sex painful and difficult and -- though the condition may be improved with certain treatments -- there is no cure for Peyronie’s disease.

Keeping the penis healthy

In addition to always wearing the proper underwear for the activity, men can keep the penis healthy by maintaining excellent hygiene. Always shower after a workout as sweat and grime not only leads to odor, but can lead to penis pimples and other unpleasant bumps. Additionally, using a penis health formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) on a daily basis can help keep the penis healthy, bump free, and odor free. A cream like this can also improve a man’s long-term penis health if it is enriched with vitamins and other nutrients designed to rejuvenate and repair stressed penile tissue.