Way up at the top of most men’s "must do" lists is to protect their precious penis health - a goal that is both understandable and laudable. After all, good penis protection increases the odds that a guy’s favorite organ will be ready to go into action whenever it is called upon. So with penis protection so important, what strategies can a man employ to keep his manhood in peak condition? Many of them don’t have an obvious connection to the penis, but all are valuable.

Some simple strategies

1) Cut down on the tube. It’s true: according to studies, watching too much television can impact sperm production. One 2010 study found that watching 20 or more hours of TV a week - perhaps because it implies a pretty sedentary lifestyle - resulted on average in production of 44% less sperm.

2) Brush and floss more. Surprisingly, there seems to be a link between dental health and penis health. Research found 80% of men with erectile dysfunction also suffered from gum disease. Why? The bacteria that create gum disease don’t stay in the gums. They travel all around the body and can damage the penile blood vessels that are important for strong erections.

3) Make like a bunny. Carrots are a big source of beta carotene, which is believed to help decrease the chances of testicular cancer.

4) Kick butts. Smoking is bad for health, period - and it’s no good for penis protection either. Like the bacteria from gum disease, smoking does a real number on penile blood vessels, causing damage that can make erections difficult to achieve and sustain.

5) Watch the plastics. People are surrounded by plastic, but some studies suggest that may not be healthy - especially when it comes to food containers. BPAs in plastic can be harmful, especially when microwaved. One study linked exposure to BPAs from plastic to a 23% decrease in sperm. So take that Chinese food out of its container ASAP and reheat it on a plate instead.

6) Urinate before working out. Sometimes a guy heads out on the gym floor with more urine in his bladder than is good for him. Lifting - and especially squatting - can force excess urine into the balls and in some cases that can lead to swelling and pain. Emptying the bladder before working out prevents that.

7) Take the laptop off the lap. Sure, it’s so much easier to prop the laptop up on the crotch while in bed. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to work? Unfortunately, the exposure to all that heat can raise the temperature in the testicles, which in turn can be a major turn-off for sperm production.

8) Hit the sack. All the demands of modern life sometimes make it difficult to get enough sleep, but men need to really make an effort. Men who get too little sleep not only have a lower libido, they also may have more troubles with their erections.

9) Use a condom. This is basic common sense, but too many guys need to be reminded: Penis protection often depends on keeping the manhood covered. It’s far too easy to contract a serious STI (sexually transmitted infection), and condom use cuts down that risk spectacularly.

Penis protection strategies can play a big role in maintaining manly health. So can daily use of a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). It pays to look through crèmes and find one with both L-arginine and L carnitine. The former amino acid is part of the process by which nitric oxide is made, which in turn helps to ensure that penile blood vessels are more likely to be open and flowing. The latter is a neuroprotective ingredient which helps prevent loss of sensation to the penis due to aggressive or rough handling.