When the lights are low and the pants come off, the last thing a guy needs is for a partner to scrunch up their nose at the rank penis odor that is suddenly freed from the crotch. Unfortunately, penis odor is a big problem for many men, even those who are punctilious about penis care. In order to deal with persistent penis odor problems, the following hacks are recommended.

- Don’t skip the basics. It shouldn’t need to be mentioned, but the first and best thing a guy can do to combat penis odor is practice common sense hygiene. In this case, that means washing and drying the penis and balls regularly and using an appropriate cleanser - not something harsh that will dry out the penis skin, but a mild soap that gets the job done. If a guy is especially active and sweats a lot, he may need to wash more than once a day - and definitely should if he’s just finished a good gym workout or been shooting hoops in the hot sun.

- Carry a spare. Sometimes a guy sweats far more during the course of the day than he anticipated because the air conditioner at work conks out, or he’s feeling stressed about a deadline, etc. Keeping a clean pair of underwear in the backpack or the desk drawer can help. Switching into the fresh pair can help keep odor from building up.

- Avoid spicy foods. Hot foods can taste great, and who doesn’t like a lot of garlic in their pasta? Unfortunately, spicy hot foods increase the amount of sweat a guy produces, and "smelly" foods like garlic and onions add a definite "tang" to the sweat. If penis odor is a problem, going a little "bland’ in the diet can help - at least when going on a date or hoping to hook up.

- Meditate. One of the big sweat-inducers is stress - and in today’s tense world, who doesn’t feel a lot of stress? So finding ways to manage stress can have an impact on sweat and therefore on penis odor. Meditation is one of the key ways that people have handled stress for centuries. Taking meditation classes or learning how to meditate through online sources can make a difference. So can other stress management options, such as yoga, deep breathing, visualizations, etc.

- Take in some air. One of the reasons penis odor can be so problematic is that it stays buried under two layers of clothing - often tight clothing - all day long and often all night, as well. The odor accumulates and then has nowhere to go to dissipate, so more and more accumulates. Letting the penis and balls "out" for a couple of hours (or more) a day can help. One suggestion is to give them a nice washing near bedtime and then don’t cover them up - no pants, underwear, pajama bottoms, etc. Airing them pout for a couple of hours is great - and it’s even better if a guy can then sleep naked as well.

- Apply a penis health crème regularly. The last of our suggested hacks is to daily apply a first class penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to the penis. Not just any crème will do, of course. It’s essential that the crème includes vitamin A. Why? Because this vitamin contains anti-bacterial properties, which enables it to help target the bacteria responsible for rank penis odor. In addition, the selected creme should contain vitamin B5. Also known as pantothenic acid, B5 is a vital nutrient that is required for proper cell metabolism and the maintenance of healthy penile tissue. Strengthening the tissue helps strengthen resistance to penis health issues.