Modern culture has placed a disproportionate emphasis on penis size, to the extent that a man with even a slightly small penis may feel embarrassed or distraught because he lacks a tool of staggeringly large dimensions. Other factors such as penis health and skill in the use of the member are usually far more important than length or girth, yet penis size remains the asset that most men long for. There are some men, however, who possess what would be considered a small penis but are perfectly comfortable with this; there are also others who possess a small penis and find a unique form of erotic pleasure from this very fact, a pleasure derived from humiliation.


Small penis humiliation (often simply referred to as SPH) is a consensual form of psychological humiliation in which the perceived small size of a man's sexual organ is commented upon for the purpose of creating a feeling of erotic satisfaction. That satisfaction is often accompanied by an erection (if the penis was not already erect), and frequently followed by an orgasm. Although erotic humiliation may be a component of intercourse or oral sex, often SPH is paired with masturbation. In some cases, the erotic stimulation caused by verbal humiliation and exposure of the penis may result in ejaculation without the use of any external stimulation.

Size Varies

The real key to SPH is humiliation rather than penis size. In fact, a man with a very large penis could conceivably participate in SPH if he misperceives the size of his organ and believes it to be small. Men who participate in SPH vicariously, through erotic literature or visual pornography in which a man with a diminished penis suffers humiliation, can possess penises of any size. In this latter case, the man aroused by the humiliating experiences of other men may be identifying with the humiliated man or with the person administering the humiliation.

Humiliation Varies

The degree of humiliation involved in an SPH situation can vary significantly. Some men find it most satisfying when the humiliation is minimal. For example, a man who perceives his penis size as inadequate may be aroused by a partner who makes relatively benign comments couched in loving terms, such as, "Let me see my guy's little penis," or, "He's a little bitty penis, but he packs a punch." These comments are slightly humiliating and infantilizing, but are largely accepting and nurturing.

For other men, arousal is best achieved when the humiliation is more pronounced. This may involve the partner mocking a man’s penis size in more aggressive terms while the two are alone. Some men also enjoy a public form of humiliation, such as being forced by a partner to admit to others that he has a small penis or posting pictures of his penis online with derogatory comments.


Because every person's erotic feelings are different, it is important for a man who engages in actual SPH (as opposed to simply using SPH-based pornography) to be clear about what boundaries are relevant to him and to engage in SPH only with partners who will respect those boundaries. For example, a man may want to do a role play in private in which he is forced to expose his penis to others but might be uncomfortable if this went beyond the private role playing stage. Partners need to be on the same page in these matters.

Keep it healthy

When used properly and in situations that are comfortable for both partners, small penis humiliation can be liberating for certain men. In some cases, it can help a man stop focusing undue attention on penis size and concentrate on other issues, such as the health of his tool. One excellent way to maintain that health, whether of a small, medium or large penis, is by using a top-notch penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). A cream with vitamin A has the added bonus of helping to fight unwanted penis odors; if it also contains vitamin C, which promotes collagen production and tissue firmness into old age, it’ll put a man ahead of the game.