From far too early an age, guys spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about whether they have a small penis and what they can do about it if they don’t, in fact, measure up to what is supposedly expected of them. It’s no secret that men in our culture place far too much emphasize on penis size (sometimes at the expense of the far more important penis health). This may come as a surprise to some, but there are some dudes who relish having a small penis - not as a sign of simple acceptance but as a means of sexual humiliation. Yes, small penis humiliation is a legitimate fetish.

And it’s one that doesn’t have to apply to a guy with a legitimately small penis, either.

An interesting fetish

A fetish is a sexual attraction to objects or body parts which are not typically associated with sexual attraction. For example, some people are intensely aroused by feet; sometimes just the sight of a foot can cause them to become sexually engaged.

With small penis humiliation, the fetish is not exactly with the penis itself so much as with the humiliation attached to having a small penis. So, while it certainly is possible for a man to be erotically charged at just the sight of his own small penis, it is more common for a man to obtain the arousal when someone else is commenting on the inadequate size of his organ.

(For the record, a woman can also have a small penis fetish, where she genuinely does find a small penis more sexually stimulating than a larger one.)

And to repeat, a man does not have to have a small penis to enjoy small penis humiliation; he simply has to experience his own penis as inadequate or be told that his penis is inadequate. Often a man with this fetish may have a penis of perfectly average size - or in some cases, a much above-average size. But being told he has a small penis and being mocked for not having a monstrously-sized one gets his motor revving.

Men or women?

If a person enjoys small penis humiliation, does that mean he likes it when a person of either sex humiliates him? That’s not easy to say, as it really depends upon the individual. But many men do enjoy having the size of their equipment mocked by either gender.

Surprisingly, men who are into this kind of humiliation are not necessarily quiet, shy guys. They often are large, muscular men who seem at first meeting to exude confidence.


And, of course, different men enjoy different kinds of humiliation. Since small penis humiliation typically involves role playing of some kind, it’s important that both participants agree on how far they are to go and they should stop if either party feels uncomfortable with the game.

When engaged in between two people who care for each other, a fetish like this one can be used to help them learn more about each other and be accepting of one another. But both parties need to be "on board" with it.

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