Although it's absolutely true that the size of a guy's endowment is not as important as most men believe, most guys still would rather possess an impressively-sized member than a small penis. For these men, the possibility of penile shrinking can be horrifying - and yet sometimes shrinkage does occur. Knowing what might be the cause of penile shrinking and actively maintaining proper penis care can help to avoid unwanted shrinkage.


So what are some of the causes of penile shrinking and what are some steps a man can take to avoid this situation?

Getting older.

In many cases, men experience some degree of penile shrinking as a natural result of aging. This is typically due to a decrease in testosterone production. Staying as physically active and healthy as possible can help to prevent this, as this can preserve testosterone levels. Also, frequent ejaculations, whether from partner-based sex or masturbation, are helpful in keeping testosterone in balance.

Too-tight tighty-whiteys.

Long-term daily use of clothing that is too tight - especially underwear - can be a contributing small penis factor. When the clothing is too tight, blood flow to the area is constrained. Over a lengthy period of time, this may cause some size diminishment. Wearing looser clothing, either daily or on an alternating basis with tighter pieces, can help.

Excess weight.

Being obese can be a danger to one's health - and it can also create the appearance of a smaller penis. This is due to excess folds of fat "swallowing" the base of the penis. In addition, the greater mass in the pubic area contributes to the appearance that the penis is smaller than it actually is. Eating healthily and exercising properly can help decrease excess weight; however, it's a good idea to check with a doctor first before going on a diet or starting a new exercise regimen.


Tobacco is another danger to the health, as well as a potential cause of penile shrinking. That may seem odd, as there's no obvious connection between inhaling through the mouth and losing length in the penis. What happens, however, is that smoking causes blood vessels to calcify - and that includes those vessels in the penis. When that happens, the tissue can diminish in size; it can also create erectile issues. Men who smoke need to investigate options for kicking the habit for both their penis health and overall health.

Lack of water.

Staying properly hydrated is also a general health issue - and one that can in some cases contribute to shortening of the penis. Tissue contracts when it does not receive sufficient water, and blood flow is also impacted; both of these factors can affect penis size. Many men think that severe dehydration is the only danger where water intake is concerned. In fact, over the long term, being only slightly "low" on water on a consistent basis can also create issues. Men need to make sure they drink a sufficient amount of water daily.

Avoiding penile shrinking, whether one already possesses a small penis or not, will be helped by maintaining a proper approach to overall health of the organ. Part of that health regimen should be the daily application of a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). A man should make sure that the chosen crème contains vitamin C, which is noted for its role in collagen production and penile tissue firmness. It's also advisable to select a crème with L-arginine, an enzyme that boosts nitric oxide. This in turn helps keep blood vessels open and receptive to proper blood flow. Combined with vitamin C's effectiveness as a structural component of blood vessels, this can be a significant aid in keeping penile blood flow healthy and active.