It won’t be long before people will be knocking back a little champagne and waiting for that big ball to drop in Times Square. Yes, the new year is almost here, and with the new year comes new year’s resolutions. Although many people have difficulty keeping their new year’s resolutions, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t make them. And guys need to include some penis health resolutions among their promises this year. Choosing wise penis health resolutions - and sticking to them - really can make a big difference.

Of course, every man has different penis health requirements, so what one man desperately needs to resolve may not be an issue for another. However, the penis health resolutions listed below should be considered and perhaps added to the list of any man who is not currently following them.

- Air it out regularly. The penis is at a disadvantage. Nestled beneath not 1 but 2 layers of clothing (save for those who go commando or are nudists), it’s no wonder that it gets so hot and sweats so much. And that heat and sweat combine with bacteria to create a potentially major stench issue. There are several tricks to fighting penis odor, but one of the simplest is to simply let the penis run wild and free a few hours every day. Resolve: To be naked at least 2 hours a day around the house.

- Pay attention to it. No, not in the sense of masturbating it regularly (although nothing wrong with that as a resolution either.) Pay attention to it in the sense of keeping a regular eye on it, inspecting it, and noticing any changes that may be unusual or require a doctor’s consultation. And include the balls in that inspection as well! Resolve: To at least weekly do a full inspection of the penis and balls and make note of any changes that may have occurred since the last inspection.

- Rubberize it. In 2020, this shouldn’t have to be a resolution - but unfortunately it does. Any guy having unprotected sex, unless it is in the strict confines of a purely monogamous relationship, should wear a condom. And wear one every time they have sex. No, a condom cannot guarantee 100% protection, but worn properly it is the best defense against HIV and sexually transmitted infections - and can provide some protection against an unwanted pregnancy. Resolve: To wear a condom anytime when engaging in sex that is outside an entirely monogamous relationship.

- Keep it exercised. Every athlete knows the phrase "use it or lose it." Well, it applies to the penis as well. Regular exercise will help to keep the member in good penis health. The body automatically gives the penis a limited workout - that’s why guys have spontaneous erections unrelated to sexual thoughts or stimuli. But it also pays to actually engage in sex - with a partner or just with oneself - on a regular basis. This keeps the blood flowing and oxygen being delivered to penile tissue. Resolve: To improve penis health by making regular sex (of some sort) a part of the regimen.

- Oil it. One of the most important penis health resolutions is to regularly apply to the penis a first-class penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Take care in selecting the proper oil and be sure that it contains both L-arginine and L-carnitine. Why? Well, the former is a vital amino acid that helps boost nitric oxide production, thereby helping to keep penile blood vessels flowing. And the latter contains neuroprotective properties, such that it aids the penis in maintaining an appropriate level of penis sensation, even in the face of rough handling of the organ.