Though men really don’t like having penis problems, most understand that it’s the way life works. The occasional redness, itch, irritation or even trouble with getting it up is simply something a man has to deal with from time to time. In most cases, good penis care clears up the problem rather nicely.

But for some men, their penis problems take a serious turn into the world of the unusual. For these guys, even the best penis care might not be enough. Check out these really unusual penis problems.

1. Hypersexuality. Though jokes abound about how badly men want sex all the time - including that infamous myth that men think about sex every eight seconds, all day and night - most men actually have a rather healthy sex drive. But for those with hypersexuality, they truly can never get enough. A mental disorder related to bipolar disorder and similar conditions, hypersexuality means a man will even engage in risky, obsessive behaviors to soothe the craving. There are some options, such as testosterone inhibitors and intensive counseling, that might help control the urges.

2. Paraphilia. Sure, most men like things the way they like it, and there’s nothing wrong with that. A guy prefers a certain position? Have at it! A man likes to masturbate a certain way? More power to him! But for those with paraphilia, gratification cannot be had without a certain item or situation that gets them off. This can truly inhibit a man’s sex life, as well as lead to risky or obsessive behaviors that could even put a partner at risk. In some cases, medications and therapy can help.

3. Asexuality. This is quite the unusual penis problem, as most men really enjoy their sex. A man who is asexual, however, has no interest in it whatsoever. This is not a loss of libido, or a day or two of not wanting to play around. It is a truly serious condition in which a man doesn’t have any desire for sex at all. In fact, some men are even repulsed by sexual acts. Though there is no known treatment for this, many men learn to cope with it, and can even have romantic relationships.

4. Priapism. Of course, every man has heard the warnings on the commercials: "Seek medical attention for an erection lasting four hours or more." Though that sounds like the stuff of dreams, men who suffer from it will be quick to say it’s not pleasurable at all - rather, it’s incredibly painful and even frightening. Since blood trapped in penile tissue can lead to serious penis problems, a man should always see the doctor immediately for an erection that lasts too long.

5. Physical anomalies. Some men deal with physical penis problems that go well beyond the typical penis rash, itch or irritation. One example is the micropenis, which is what it sounds like - a very small penis, in some cases too small to have satisfying partner sex. On the other hand, there are men out there who suffer from diphalia, which means they actually have more than one penis. This very unusual condition has been reported in less than 100 men.

Dealing with everyday penis problems

For most men, penis problems will never reach the level of those mentioned here. To avoid the more common problems, a man can turn to a specially formulated penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . The right crème will contain vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin A for anti-aging, vitamin C for healthy tissue, and alpha lipoic acid for fighting free radicals. A Shea butter and vitamin E base can help ensure supple, smooth skin that can better fight against the typical penis itch, irritation and redness that make up the majority of everyday penis problems.