No guy wants a sore penis. But avoiding the problem isn't always easy. That's because a lot of things men do every day are simply hard on the male organ, and fixing them means providing in-depth penis care.

These are five examples of everyday, simple, commonplace things that can cause a sore penis. Avoiding these issues now could be a great first step for men who want to live pain-free lives in the future.

1) Rough, Dry Sex

The penis is made for sex, but that doesn't mean that all sexual situations are ideal for this body part. For example, partners who jump into bed together without taking the proper safety precautions can do a whole lot of damage in a very short period of time. If the receptive partner isn't lubricated, layers of penile skin can be stripped away with each thrust, and if the two decide to try some crazy moves, they could bend or even break the penis as they move together.

Stocking up on lubricant and keeping the eroticism down to a manageable level could be a wise way to ensure that the penis emerges from sex in a healthy state. Safe sex like this is still fun. It's just less damaging.

2) Tight Underwear

Tight briefs can help a man show off his bulge, and that might mean more dates and more sex. That's all good, but if the underwear is just a little too tight, blood flow going into or moving out of the penis could be slowed or stopped altogether. And that could mean that the penis won't work well when it's time for sex.

If tight underwear is simply a must for a fashion-conscious man, that bit of clothing should only stay on for a few moments. He can parade about and show off his package, but that tight stuff shouldn't stay on for hours and hours. It's just not safe.

3) Too Much Masturbation

While some men get dressed up for sex with other people, private sexy time is best for others. Masturbation sessions provide a way to get a quick release from tension, without the hassles of finding another person to get frisky with.

Unfortunately, when masturbation sessions stretch on some time, the penis can be damaged. Tissues aren't meant to be touched, squeezed and pulled for long periods of time, and when they are, they can stretch, tear and even start bleeding. That's the sort of problem that can take weeks to heal.

Using a little restraint and a lot of lubricant is wise for men who like to masturbate. The lubricant keeps things slick, while limiting the playtime can ensure that the action stops before the tissues incur damage.

4) Harsh Soaps and Perfumes

Washing is a vital part of penis health, but many products made for all-over body use contain:

- Exfoliates

- Perfumes

- Dyes

- Anti-bacterial agents

All of these ingredients can be really hard on the delicate tissues of the penis, and men who use them regularly may find that they get more and more sore with each passing day. Sticking with products that are less chemically laden, and keeping these products away from the penis as much as possible, can be useful.

5) Lack of Moisturizer

While many beauty products shouldn't be used on the penis, men who keep all products away from the tool may not be doing their bodies any favors. That's because penile tissues tend to dry out, shrink up and crack when they're too dry. And boosting the moisture in these tissues is easier when men use a product made just for the penis. A penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help. Quality products provide these hardworking tissues with the vitamins, minerals and emollients they need to stay healthy and function beautifully, day in and day out.