Sore penis problems may seem unusual. Men might think they’ll only get hurt if they do something crazy, like trying out a new sex position. If that were true, staying safe would be as easy as keeping sex simple and traditional. In reality, there are a variety of things that can cause a sore penis - there are probably things inside every man's house that could cause penis health problems. Here are just six common household items that a man will be wary of if he’s into responsible penis care.

1) Cologne

Putting a little spritz of cologne in the lap is an obvious way to keep odors at bay. Unfortunately, a standard bottle of cologne is filled with chemicals that wreak havoc on penis skin. Putting these products directly onto sensitive skin can lead to burning, cracked and peeling skin. Sometimes, colognes can even cause hives and itching.

2) Exfoliate Soaps

Soaps that exfoliate are designed to remove dead skin cells. At first, these might seem like great products to use on the penis. But they can also be harsh on that sensitive skin. The scraping action can remove healthy cells along with those that are damaged, and the pain can be intense.

3) Rubbing Alcohol

Pure rubbing alcohol is sometimes used as a goop remover. Men who feel sticky after using a condom might be tempted to splash a little alcohol on the area to make that stickiness go away. Unfortunately, pure rubbing alcohol can have an intense drying effect. Each application sucks moisture right out of cells that need it, and that can result in a dry, itchy, sore penis.

4) Bubble Baths

Stepping into a hot bath filled with bubbles might seem romantic, but the ingredients that make the water bubble can be too hard on penile cells. Perfumes, soaps and colorants can all leave the member raw. And sometimes, the hot water itself makes skin dry and sore.

5) Zippers

When there's no underwear beneath a man's zipper, each movement of the metal teeth holds an element of danger. He might trap sensitive skin inside the teeth when he closes up, and he might need the help of the emergency room staff in order to get that trapped skin free. Even then, he might need stitches and weeks of rest in order to heal completely.

6) Fabric Softeners

While injuries from fabric softeners might not be as graphic as those that come from zippers, these laundry additions can cause quite a bit of soreness. Most products like this contain perfumes that are difficult for the penis to handle, and some contain other elements that men become allergic to with time. This means regular use could leave men with sore penis concerns that don't quickly abate.

Extra Protection

Clearly, staying away from these common household items is one of the best ways to avoid a sore penis problem. But there are other things men can do in order to stay safe. They can also:

- Read the ingredient list of any product they plan to apply to the penis, and make sure that there are no alcohols or perfumes listed.

- Keep products not made for the penis away from the penis.

- Think carefully about how an action might hurt the penis, long before participating in that action.

- Check the penis carefully, every day, and take action as soon as any small wound appears.

A penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can also provide excellent protection against a sore penis. Why? Because each dose keeps skin smooth and soft, so there are fewer cracks for irritating elements to get stuck in. And the vitamins in each dose can help skin to knit back together if it is injured. It's a great weapon for men to use in order to counter the penis problems lurking in their homes.