Ah, Thanksgiving! For many Americans, it's a time for sharing with families; for some men, though, Thanksgiving can bring on a sore penis for a number of reasons. Maintaining penis health means knowing what to do at holiday time to keep the package in proper shape and to address any issues that might arise.

Give thanks for sex.

One of the major causes of the Thanksgiving-related sore penis is also one of the most enjoyable: abundant sex.

Rocking Pilgrims

While Pilgrim ancestors may have been a bit shy about discussing sex, America's forefathers (and foremothers) were by no means shy about engaging in sexual romps. Indeed, one of the tenets of Puritan thought is that married men and women had an obligation to procreate. And while it may not have been written into the religion, there was a general understanding that wives should allow their husbands to release their pent-up sexual energy as often as desired.

Nowadays, of course, there is much greater sexual freedom for both men and women - and engaging in lusty, vigorous sex is a time-honored way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Things are made considerably easier, of course, by the traditional four-day weekend, giving a man more leisure time to engage in his favorite pastime. (Granted, those pesky football games can get in the way sometimes - but that's why Man invented halftime quickies.)

The problem, of course, is that when a guy makes his equipment into something resembling a perpetual motion sex machine for four days, he's bound to wake up Monday morning with a raw, sore penis - basically, a well-hung hangover from over-indulgence.

Turkey scratch

Penis pain gained from too much sex is a not-so-terrible problem to have. Less desirable are penis discomfort issues arising from other sources.

For example, the centerpiece of Thanksgiving is the bounteous dinner that is found on so many tables, anchored by the traditional giant butterball of a turkey. Lovingly prepared (and agonized over by cooks fraught with anxiety), the Thanksgiving meal is a button-busting experience that may add a pound or two to a guy's gut while putting an exuberantly happy smile on his face.

Unfortunately, for some men it also results in difficulty keeping their hands off their junk - and not because of an insistent hard-on. Some people have allergic reactions to food; in many cases, the reaction doesn’t surface because exposure is minimal - however, the sheer quantity of food on the holiday table may cause a man to ingest past his limit, resulting in an eruption of itching. When that itchiness extends to the penis, discomfort increases significantly.

Know one's allergies.

With this in mind, it's essential that a man is aware of what his allergy triggers are, and he should take steps to avoid them. This may involve nixing certain foods altogether, limiting the amount of them ingested or making sure to take medication aimed at preventing allergic reactions from occurring.

One word of advice: A man may have an allergic reaction to a delicious turkey even if he has no allergy to the bird itself. This is because many turkeys are sold as "basted" or "self-basting" birds; they've been injected with solutions to make them tender, and sometimes these solutions include ingredients to which an unsuspecting person may be allergic.

Improper attire

Lots of guys put on the dog, clothing-wise, for Thanksgiving. Looking sharp is a worthy goal, but when wearing clothes that one rarely dons, be aware that the skin may react poorly to it. For example, a guy who wears khaki trousers and switches to wool for Turkey Day may end up with a penis that is itching like mad before the food is even laid on the table.

Fortunately an itchy or sore penis can find welcome relief from a quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Rubbing on a cream that is packed with natural moisturizers (including Shea butter and vitamin E) helps alleviate both soreness and uncomfortable, distracting itchiness. It’s even better if the selected cream also contains acetyl L-carnitine; if overaggressive Thanksgiving sex results in a de-sensitized member, this ingredient can help restore lost sensation to the tool.