One of the last places a guy wants to feel pain or soreness is on the penis, but in day-to-day life the manhood is exposed to many opportunities for injury; from overly enthusiastic sexual intercourse to skin sensitivities to the unpleasant but sometimes unavoidable zipper trauma. Fortunately, most minor skin abrasions and infections heal fairly quickly with simple home treatment but knowing when medical attention is needed can prevent long-term problems from developing. Some common causes of penis soreness and penis remedies for correcting them are described in the paragraphs below.

Penis soreness after partner play

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, so after a vigorous round of bumping and grinding (or even a frantic solo session), the skin of the penis can be left raw and tender. Although friction and chafing alone can result in a sore and painful penis, the problem can be exacerbated by things like oil-based lubricants, latex from condoms and the body fluids of a partner.

While roughed-up penis skin should calm down fairly quickly (taking a break for a day or two can help), guys can speed up the process by keeping the penis skin well-hydrated, both as a preventive measure and as a means to calm irritated skin, with a natural moisturizer and healing nutrients such as vitamins E and D.

Sore penis and itching or burning

A sore penis accompanied by an itching or burning sensation may have a variety of different causes:
• Thrush, or yeast infection, which is caused by fungus known as Candida albicans, is nearly always present on the skin. While it usually causes no symptoms, it can go into a rapid overgrowth phase under certain conditions, leading to the symptoms of a yeast infection. These symptoms can include itching and burning, soreness, redness and a cottage cheese-like discharge. Yeast infection can be treated with over-the-counter antifungal medications. Helping to maintain balance in the body chemistry by nourishing the skin with immune-boosting vitamins and minerals can help to prevent yeast from flourishing.

• Balanitis is the name given to an inflamed or swollen penis head. This condition is more common in uncircumcised men. It can be caused by skin sensitivities and bacterial or fungal overgrowth and it is often the result of lack of attention to hygiene. Failure to wash adequately can result in a buildup of dead skin cells, which appears as a gooey, cheesy mass under the foreskin. This material, known as smegma, attracts bacteria and can lead to infection. Keeping the area clean and discouraging bacterial growth with natural antibacterial agents such as vitamin A can help to prevent sore penis due to balanitis.

Penis soreness and ulcers

A sore penis accompanied by ulcers or small, open sores may be a sign of a socially transmitted disease. These symptoms require immediate medical attention and because these diseases can be transferred to a partner, partners should also be treated and abstinence from intercourse should be exercised until the condition has completely cleared.

Preventing and treating minor penis soreness

The key to keeping the penis healthy and avoiding penis soreness lies in prevention. Promoting healthy and supple penis skin is a matter of keeping the area clean, using protection during partner play, and supporting healthy cell function through the use of specialized penis vitamins and minerals that contain penis-specific nutrients (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) such as vitamin A (for smooth, supple skin); vitamin C (for immune function and healthy circulatory tissue); vitamin D (for overall skin health); alpha lipoic acid (for stimulating blood flow) and other ingredients designed to keep the penis healthy, responsive and functioning at its prime.