It’s a no-brainer that guys need to avoid doing things that can result in a sore penis. But not every guy really uses common sense the way that he should - and that is especially true where the penis is involved. Often common sense tells men to behave one way for the sake of penis health or to respect propriety or simply to avoid making a fool of oneself - but the penis tells them something else. And too often the penis wins. Nevertheless, following are a few common sense strategies to follow to help avoid a sore penis. Ignore them at one’s own peril.

- If it’s already sore, let it rest. What could exemplify common sense more? If a dude’s member is already sore and aching - and especially if it’s red and raw - then it needs to rest, plain and simple. And it needs to rest even if it suddenly perks up and gets firm and erect. The penis is going to get aroused because that’s it’s job and it’s what it does. The brain’s job is to convince the owner of the penis that he needs to ignore the penis, even if it means a man feels momentarily sexually frustrated, it’s worth it because it means that sore penis will heal more quickly and be back in prime shape that much sooner.

- Use lube. One of the main causes of a sore penis is engaging it in action without proper lubrication. Often, natural lubrication is sufficient, but many times it is not. This can be especially true when a man engages in extended masturbation sessions. Even if he lubes up at the start, he may neglect to refresh the lubricant as it gets used up. All of the friction involved in sex, whether partner-based or solo, can really do a number on the penis. It’s worth taking the few moments needed to keep the manhood prepared.

- Use a condom. Clearly, one cause of a sore penis which a man really wants to avoid is a sexually-transmitted infection (STI). The problems that can result from an STI go far beyond simple soreness. While a condom cannot guarantee 100% protection, it does bring down the odds of infection significantly. Yes, many guys find condoms uncomfortable or find it difficult to find one that fits properly. That’s no excuse, when simply wearing one adds a much-needed layer of protection to the penis.

- Dress appropriately. Often a sore penis is very sensitive to the touch. Choose underwear that is going to respect the soreness. For example, sometimes the penis doesn’t want to be constricted and so needs loose-fitting boxers. At other times, it needs support to alleviate soreness, in which case tight-fitting briefs or boxer briefs are a much better bet.

- Stop. If a guy experiences penis pain in the middle of an activity (such as sex), he should simply stop what he is doing. He should explain to a partner (if one is present) that he has hurt his penis and needs to take time to see if it is a serious injury. If it is, he should seek a doctor’s advice. If it is not, he needs to decide whether he should let the penis rest for a period of time or whether he can resume the activity. (Most will resume, even with a sore penis - so see the first bullet point above.)

Another common sense approach to a sore penis: regularly use a superior penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Those cremes with a combination of moisturizing agents, such as vitamin E and shea butter, are the best bet. The hydration of the penis skin can help relieve penis soreness. The crème should also include L-carnitine, an ingredient which can help restore sensation when a sore penis feels dull and de-sensitized.