A sore penis rarely appears for no reason. Often, the problem starts small, and it might even go totally unnoticed, but without the proper penis care, these issues are bound to get more and more severe, until a man simply can't concentrate due to his pain and discomfort.

The best way to heal from a sore penis problem is to determine what caused the soreness. That piece of information could help men to pull together the proper plan of action, so they can heal right now and keep the problem from recurring.

Here are a few common causes of sore penis issues, along with tips for treatment.

Sex and Friction

At its core, any kind of sexual activity is all about friction. When sensitive penis skin is touched in just the right way, it can cause an explosion of pleasure that could completely overwhelm a guy. But, if that friction is just a little too harsh, a sore penis could be the outcome.

Soreness caused by sex is best treated, in part, with abstinence. Skin cells that have been stressed during sex need to rest and relax in order to heal. That means no hanky-panky until things feel better.

Tight Clothing and Laundry Detergent

While a snazzy pair of tight jeans or a set of special-occasion Speedos could help to liven things up in the bedroom, they can also subject the skin to a great deal of chafing as the penis rubs up on the fabrics. A sore penis could quickly follow a day of wearing a too-tight outfit.

The detergents a man uses in order to keep his clothes clean can also be a problem. For example, he might invest in laundry soaps that smell like sandalwood or musk, so that his lap smells both manly and wonderful. Or he might go the opposite route and choose really harsh soaps that are guaranteed to kill bacteria.

Detergents like this can fill the clothes with irritants. Or, they could make the clothes so stiff and hard that they're dangerous for penile cells. After wearing clothes treated with this stuff, a man might have an incredibly sore penis.

Allergic Reactions

A sore penis can also occur when a man is allergic to something. In addition to being painful, his skin might also:

- Itch

- Bleed

- Crack

- Ooze

A doctor can run a series of tests to determine what a man is allergic to, and that could help him eliminate the irritating agent so he can get on with his life. But until he can make an appointment, a guy could work to keep his lap an allergen-free zone.

Anything with perfumes, artificial colors, flavorings or harsh chemicals should be banned from his lap. A sore penis needs space and time in which to heal, so anything that might even possibly cause irritation should be eliminated.

Detective Work

It might be hard to think back and determine what caused the soreness to start. Sometimes, there are a cluster of factors involved. For example, a man might wear tight clothes for a hot date, use a flavored condom later in the night and then spend a long time having sex. His sore penis could be caused by any of these things, and it might be hard to determine which did the most damage.

But all men can benefit from really thinking about the importance of their penile health. Since the penis can give so much, it deserves to be protected. And if that means a man needs to change many habits and not just one, that might be work worth doing in order to prevent future soreness.

A penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help, too. These products lock moisture into the skin, so it is naturally more resistant to injury. And there are no perfumes or colors that can make a sore penis worse in quality products. This is a great penis soreness prevention and management tool.