Is it? Or isn’t it? A man gets that feeling in his crotch, that need to rub up against something or stick his hand down his pants for a quick scratch, and he starts to wonder - jock itch? Or (please) something less annoying? An itchy penis is annoying, but when it’s jock itch, a guy knows he may be in for some intense scratching. A penis health nightmare, no. But a penis health annoyance, yes. That’s why it’s better to stop jock itch before it gets started.

About jock itch

Known by scientific and medical type dudes as tinea cruris, jock itch is a fungal infection found most often on the crotch, the inner thighs and the buttocks. Because it is something which grows and thrives in areas that are dark, moist and hot - adjectives that describe the crotch - it earned the name jock itch. But despite the name, a man doesn’t have to be athletic at all to come down with this infection.

Ways to stop it

So a man wants to strop jock itch before it can strike him down. What are some of the strategies he should use? Fortunately, a lot of them are matters of simple common sense.

- Stay dry. Sure, that’s easier said than done. With the penis being kept locked away underneath two layers of clothing (underwear plus trousers), and with all that pubic hair providing a buffer of insulation, the penis tends to get overheated naturally during the course of the day and therefore sweats. And if a guy is actually physically active - running, playing ball, sometimes even just going for a walk when the temperature is high - there’s going to be even more sweat. That’s why it pays to change clothes - including underwear when sweat is going to be an issue. Sometimes using a powder can also help.

- Shower as necessary. Taking frequent showers helps keep the jock itch fungus at bay. How frequent depends upon the individual - but those who go to the gym regularly definitely need to shower after a workout. And be sure to dry off all the equipment thoroughly after showering.

- Don’t borrow a towel. Most gyms provide their own, laundered towels, which is fine. But don’t borrow a used towel from a buddy, no matter how well you know him. This is one of the ways a fungus most easily gets passed from one guy to another.

- Or a pair of socks. The same fungus that causes jock itch causes athlete’s foot - so don’t borrow your chum’s socks either. Or his sweaty sneakers.

- Be careful in the sauna. The hot, moist sauna is a great place for fungi to breed. To stop jock itch from happening, don’t sit naked in the sauna; put down a towel first. And wearing flip-=flops or other sauna-appropriate footwear can help from picking up athlete’s foot (which can then spread to jock itch).

- Keep socks on the feet. Not to put too delicate a point on it, but sometimes when a man masturbates, he wipes himself with something nearby - like a sock. Again, athlete’s foot fungus can become jock itch - so use a tissue instead.

- Let things air out. It can be hard keeping the crotch dry, so when at home alone, spend some time "airing things out."

Of course, sometimes even the best efforts can’t stop jock itch. If a guy does get it, he should use a first class penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to soothe it, as well as appropriate treatments to get rid of it. Oils with strong skin care compo0nents, such as vitamin E and shea butter, can help soothe the itching associated with jock itch. It also is better if the oil also contains vitamin B5, aka pantothenic acid, a vital nutrient that is required for cell metabolism and the maintenance of healthy tissue.