Most men will do almost anything to avoid penis problems, and with good reason: Most penis problems are painful, itchy or otherwise a pain to deal with, not to mention putting a man out of commission when it comes to bedroom antics. However, there is one type of penis problem that sneaks up on a guy, leaving him feeling unable to enjoy himself as he should - and in this case, even the best penis care won’t help at first. The problem is anemia.

What’s anemia?

Anemia is a medical condition that affects every part of the body. It happens when a man’s body is lacking in red blood cells, or the red blood cells he does have aren’t working properly. This matters because red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to all areas of the body. Where there are fewer red blood cells, there is less oxygen to go around. The problem results in a man feeling very tired, even heavily fatigued or exhausted - and that leads to a lack of sex drive, or even an inability to get it up when he is feeling frisky.

What causes anemia?

Anemia can be caused by many things, and sometimes more than one thing at once. The good news is that it can be easy to pinpoint where it’s coming from, so it can be more easily remedied.

1. Severe blood loss. A man who suffers an injury or illness that leads to significant blood loss is likely to develop anemia. The symptoms of anemia might strike well after the incident, even a few weeks after a man believes the worst is over.

2. Lack of iron in the body. A man who isn’t getting adequate iron in his diet will quite often become anemic. This occurs because iron creates hemoglobin, which is what the red blood cells actually use to carry the oxygen around the body. Less iron means less oxygen.

3. Hereditary or autoimmune conditions. Some medical issues, such as sickle cell anemia, autoimmune diseases or inherited conditions might mean that the body doesn’t produce enough red blood cells, or the ones it does produce are damaged in some way. The result is ultimately the same; the oxygen saturation of each cell is lacking.

4. Vitamin deficiencies. Our bodies need a delicate balance of vitamins and nutrients to stay healthy. When this balance is disrupted, several problems can result. A lack of vitamin B12, vitamin C or folic acid can all lead to anemia. Though for some people this stems from lack of proper nutrition, other individuals might have issues with absorbing or using those vitamins, even if they get plenty in their diet.

What happens if a man is anemic?

Besides feeling very tired and weak all the time, a man might suffer from related issues, such as shortness of breath. When it comes to penis problems, the most common issue is erectile dysfunction. This might mean either an inability to get it up, or a lack of appropriate hardness when he does manage to get his member to work. Stamina can also be affected, as a man with anemia might not feel like engaging in any sexual play, or might simply be unable to keep going during sexual activity.

What can be done about it?

The good news is that anemia can usually be treated very effectively. A doctor can help develop the best course of action. It might be as simple as changing the diet and taking supplements, or it might include blood transfusions or medications that enhance the red blood cell creation and delivery.

While being treated for anemia, a man should take care to keep his penis in top shape. That’s why a specially formulated penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) is ideal. To help the body along, a man should look for a crème that contains vitamin C and D, which are both great for oxygenation, as well as L arginine, a nutrient that helps blood vessels expand.