Stretch marks are often seen as unsightly, and that’s why people try so hard to avoid them. Everyone is familiar with stretch marks as a result of the rapid belly growth during pregnancy, and those stretch marks are often seen as a badge of honor - after all, they were acquired while a woman was growing a baby in that belly! But for men who have stretch marks on their penis, it’s a bit of a different story. Men might dive into all sorts of strange penis care rituals to get rid of them, and might wonder if they are normal.

What causes stretch marks?

Stretch marks are normally caused by the skin stretching and expanding. The aforementioned pregnancy is a good example. Other examples include bodybuilders who put on a lot of muscle quickly, kids going through puberty who grow very fast during a short period of time, or those who put on a great deal of weight over a short period.

However, stretch marks also seem to have a connection to cortisol, the stress hormone. The higher the cortisol levels, the more stretch marks a person is likely to have. Other hormones might also play a role.

Stretch marks can also appear on the penis, thanks not only to hormonal changes, but to the simple act of the penis growing and stretching with regular erections. There is nothing that can be done to stop this action, so therefore, many men who are prone to stretch marks - especially those who are under a lot of stress and have higher cortisol levels - are more likely to get those tiny marks on their penis.

To sum it up, stretch marks on the body, including the penis, are perfectly normal. Some men are more prone to them than others. Though they might mean a little higher stress level - something a man should definitely tackle if that’s the case - most stretch marks simply appear for no apparent reason beyond the normal stretching of the penis skin.

What can be done about them?

Stretch marks on the penis skin are usually there for good. Sure, there are expensive and painful laser treatments a man can go through to help make their appearance much less, but that is an option that most men won’t choose to pursue. Therefore, prevention of additional stretch marks is always the best bet.

How can a man prevent stretch marks? Here are a few ways:

- Don’t make rough play a habit. The rougher the play, the more likely a man will have damaged penis skin, and that can lead to stretch marks. Always take care to touch the penis with a gentle hand, and always avoid the ‘death grip’ during masturbation.

- Use lube. Speaking of masturbation, lubrication goes a long way toward maintaining good penis skin health. A lubricant used every time forms a slick barrier between the roughness of the hand and the delicate skin of the penis, thus possibly preventing irritations - including stretch marks.

- Avoid cortisone creams. Cortisone creams contain cortisol, which can break down the skin enough to lead to irritations, redness, soreness and yes, even stretch marks. Though there is always a time and place to use such medications, it should only be done when absolutely necessary and always upon the recommendation of a doctor.

- Use plenty of vitamin E and Shea butter. The hydration superpowers of Shea butter, combined with the soothing benefits of vitamin E, make a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) a must for those who are worried about stretch marks. These ingredients keep hydration at a high level, which helps the penis skin expand freely without pulling or cracking. Other ingredients, such as vitamins D and C, are known for their skin-soothing properties. A good crème might also help alleviate the appearance of stretch marks somewhat, thanks to all that serious hydration and better health.