It’s the rare man who hasn’t had some questions about his penis size at some point in his life – and all too often, those penis size questions have dealt with frets and worries that the penis in question wouldn’t measure up to what was required. In fact, penis health and skill with equipment tend to count for much more than penis size where partner sexual satisfaction is concerned; nevertheless, almost every man wants to look in the mirror and have a monster greet him back. So for men wishing their penis were bigger, here’s some good news: your summer penis may grant that vey wish.

What is summer penis?

Summer penis is a “phenomenon” that has been commented on for years if not centuries, but which has gained greater currency in more recent years. Thanks largely to the internet, more people have been exposed to the idea that in general – and therefore not necessarily applicable to all men – a guy’s penis does get somewhat larger in the summer than at other times of the year.

The idea of a summer penis is not taken seriously by many in the medical sciences field, who point to lack of hard data to back the concept up. However, advocates argue that clinical trials haven’t been undertaken in this area, so of course there is no hard data on it. Instead, they argue, people have to look at anecdotal reports of summer penis instead – meaning, mentions or reports of differing penile length in the summer from individual sources.

Makes sense – sort of

The idea that the penis may get longer and/or thicker during the hot summer months does seem logical in some ways. After all, many men will point out that their fingers tend to swell a little during the summer months, so why shouldn’t the penis as well – especially since swelling is part of its everyday routine anyway?

People also tend to be more active and healthy in the summer. Whereas in winter they may spend more time chilling in front of the TV, summer brings about more swimming, hiking, participating in neighborhood sports, mowing the lawn and tending to gardens, etc. All the fresh air and activities gets the blood pumping more forcefully, which may result in some penis expansion. Also, some men eat more healthily in the summer, when fruits and vegetables are especially ripe and tempting, and that can pay off in healthier blood vessels that expand more readily, again resulting in some penis expansion.

Plus, most guys notice that heat makes the balls hang down a bit more, just as a dip in cold water will make them contract significantly. So if heat affects the balls, shouldn’t it also affect the penis?

Not a lot

While there’s a certain logic to the idea of the summer penis, until actual studies are conducted, it’s unlikely that the question will be settled. But even proponents agree that in most cases, the change is not necessarily dramatic. A guy with a four inch penis is unlikely to develop a seven inch member just because the temperature has soared. But when one is obsessed with penis size, even a small change can be greatly appreciated.

Whether summer penis results in a change in penis size or not in no way affects the need for a man to daily make use of a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Ideally, the chosen penis crème is going to contain a wide range of vitamins, such as A, B5, C, D and E, the topical application of which will allow their benefits to more directly impact the penis. In addition, the crème should contain L-carnitine, an amino acid which helps maintain penis sensitivity even when the penis is too roughly handled during sex or masturbation.