When summer arrives, it brings with it lots of sunshine, opportunities for outdoor entertainment - and ample opportunity for penis odor. There are definitely more dire penis health issues, such as sexually-transmitted infections, but penis odor is one of the most common - and the most embarrassing. Dealing with persistent penis odor requires some long-term strategies, but what’s a guy to do about penis odor while waiting for the long game plan to kick in? He needs some quick fixes to take the stink away - and the following are some steps he can take that can have an effect in many cases.

- Go loose. Lots of men like tight briefs, both for comfort and for the way they present their package. The problem is that tight underwear generates and traps more heat, leading to more sweat, leading to more penis odor. The problem is even worse with tight boxer briefs, which cover more area and create a larger heat/sweat problem. Wearing loose, cotton boxers is a better idea for the man who needs to cut down on penis odor. And don’t stop with the underwear: go for a looser-cut trouser as well.

- Or go commando. Another option is to dispense with underwear altogether, popularly known as "going commando." Clearly, there are advantages to this in terms of keeping the penis cooler. However, men need to be aware of possible "side effects," such as rough trouser fabric chafing the penis, "leakage" seeping through fabric and the ease with which one’s aroused state can be determined (especially if trousers are tight).

- Select the trousers carefully. As mentioned, loose trousers are cooler, but a guy should also pay attention to fabric and color. Natural fabrics "breathe" better, whereas synthetic fabrics trap more heat. And dark colors also tend to be hotter than light.

- Air it out. Regularly airing the penis out for several hours a day is part of a long term strategy to fight manhood odor. But it can also be a quick fix; if a guy realizes he is really reeking, airing out for 15 or 20 minutes can help a lot. (If airing out at work, be sure to use the men’s room and choose a stall with a lock.)

- Use a moist towelette. Rank odor when at a party or on the job can be inconvenient. The penis needs a good, thorough washing, but that’s not an option. However, if a dude keeps some moist towelettes handy, he can do a quick wipe to help diminish the odor. It might be tempting to use one with a fragrance, but this should be avoided: fragrances often can be irritating to delicate penis skin.

- Shave. More and more men manscape nowadays, and one of the benefits is that shaving one’s penis hair does help to cut down on odor. The lack of hair, which acts as very effective insulation, helps cool the area down so there’s less sweat. And hair also acts as a "trap" for sweat; it becomes entangled in the hair and dries there, keeping the odor in the area. Without a thatch of hair, the sweat is more likely to trickle out.

Quick fixes are fine for dealing with immediate penis odor issues, but a man really needs to concentrate on long term solutions. In addition to regular, thorough washing and airing out, a guy needs to make sure he is regularly applying a top drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . In order to be more effective, the crème needs to contain vitamin A, as this vitamin has anti-bacterial properties which help to fight persistent penis odor. Since sweat, ironically, dries out and damages skin, the crème should also include moisturizing agents, such as shea butter and vitamin E.