Nudism (or naturism as it is also called) is enjoyed by many people from all walks of life - but the question of how to handle surprise erections often prevents many men from exploring this lifestyle choice. Learning more about naturism and about the naturalness of erections (which, after all, are an indication of good penis health) can help allay the fears of men interested in exploring a nudist beach or spa.

It's not about sex.

Many men - and an incredible number of teenage boys - think that nudism is simply shorthand for public sex. In the minds of these individuals, it is impossible to picture being in a group of naked people and not indulging in orgiastic intercourse.

That's far from reality. The vast majority of people who engage in the naturist lifestyle do so for the purpose of simply allowing their bodies to be exhibited in the natural state, with no intention of creating a situation in which sexual activity is to be tolerated (in public). In the privacy of one's own home, of course, nudism may lead to sexual activity, just as two people who are clothed and alone may end up playing in the bedroom.

It's rare.

Those men who have enjoyed naturism for lengthy periods of time all tell the same story: They too were concerned about popping a boner around all of that bare flesh, yet they discovered that it rarely if ever happens. When it does, it is more often the result of the body's tendency to create occasional spontaneous erections rather than the product of overwhelming visual sexual stimuli.

Take steps.

Experienced male naturists know that there are steps one can take to decrease the likelihood of an erection, as well as steps to take when one does occur at an inopportune time.

Suggested preventive measures include:

- Taking a cold shower before venturing out. If one has a hard penis or fears one could be imminent, a quick cold shower provides a pretty reliable dampening effect.

- Applying sunscreen in advance. It is very important that a man protects his delicate penis skin from the strong rays of the sun. Since applying the sunscreen may provide sensory stimulation to the penis, it may be best to put the screen on in the privacy of one's room or bathroom and allow time for a subsequent erection to calm down.

- Masturbating. If a man is really worried that he may get visibly hard in the company of other nudists, it often helps to masturbate shortly before entering the common area. It is advisable, however, to allow enough time after ejaculation to properly clean up; men need to remember that some semen may continue to dribble from the tool for several minutes after ejaculation.

If an erection does occur, there are several options.

- Drape it. If lying on the beach, many men cover their crotches with a towel if tumescence occurs.

- Turn over. Sometimes tumescence develops while lying on the beach; in such cases, a man may simply turn over onto his stomach until the flaccid state returns.

- Move in. If sitting in a chair near a table, move the chair closer to the table so that the penis is hidden from view until the erection passes.

- Dive. Going for a dip in the pool or ocean is an excellent way to remove an erection from view. One drawback: If a man is a very far distance from the water, he may be on display for a considerable amount of time.

Whether he has an erect penis or not, a male nudist wants to keep his equipment healthy. Using a high-quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can be a big help, especially if it contains both a high-end emollient (such as Shea butter) to moisturize and a powerful antioxidant (such as alpha lipoic acid) to offset harmful oxidative processes in penis cells. The ideal cream will also include vitamin C, which is important for collagen production and penile tissue health.