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Preventing Penis Odor: 6 Ways to Get the Funk Out!

Posted by John Dugan on Friday, December 6, 2019, In : Health 

What’s that smell? Is it Limburger or just a man’s penis? Penis odor is something every man deals with, and he should take every measure to prevent a stinky penis. Every man needs to know what causes it and how to avoid it in the future. Read on to find out 6 easy tricks to ban odor from the boner.

What Causes Penis Odor?

Several things can cause penis odor, but thankfully, they are easy to treat and prevent. Here are a few of the most common causes:

- Lax hygiene

- Smegma

- Se...

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How to Get Rid of Penis Odor: 8 Ways that Work

Posted by John Dugan on Monday, January 14, 2019, In : Men's Health 

Penises, like all living things, emanate an odor. However, some dicks have a serious case of 1970’s funk. There are several reasons why a perfectly normal penis can quickly morph into a stinky penis in what seems like seconds. Here’s a pro’s list of how to get rid of penis odor.

How to Get Rid of Penis Odor: #1 Observe Pee Etiquette

First, let’s address all men who urinate (that should be pretty much everyone). A shake may not be adequate, guys. After peeing, wipe off the penis, othe...

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