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Got a Cut on the Penis? Here’s Why

Posted by John Dugan on Wednesday, July 12, 2017, In : Men's Health 

It might be unusual for a man to look down at his equipment and notice a cut that wasn’t there the day before. It’s especially weird when he took a night off from masturbation or sexual activity with a partner. So why does a guy wind up with penis cuts for no apparent reason? Is there something lacking in his usual penis care? Is he suffering from the sudden onset of a sexually transmitted disease? Is there something even worse going on?

These questions and others might run through a m...

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Dealing with Penis Cuts - Where They Come From and How to Heal

Posted by John Dugan on Wednesday, August 21, 2013, In : Men's Health 

Men who develop penis cuts or tears in the foreskin are understandably concerned about their cause, especially when they seem to appear out of nowhere, or overnight. While it may often make sense to assume the worst about a recent partner, in most cases, these tears and fissures have a fairly innocent cause. A red penis that has a sore, cracked or raw appearance may be healed by following a few simple penis care pointers.

Where do penis cuts come from?

Many men who experience tears or cu...

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