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Does Docking Carry Any Penis Health Issues?

Posted by John Dugan on Tuesday, June 20, 2017, In : Men's Health 

Practicing proper penis health gives a man (and his partners) peace of mind. Men need to take steps to ensure safe sex in order to keep that penis healthy, and when dealing with normal penetrative sex, it’s relatively easy to do so: use a condom, be sure to be tested, know if the partner has been tested, etc. But what about sexual activities which are not about vaginal intercourse - such as docking? Does docking carry any penis health risks that a man should know about?

What it is


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Docking Can Be Pleasurable, but Beware of Penis Pain

Posted by John Dugan on Wednesday, November 13, 2013, In : Men's Health 

As all men know, the penis is a resilient source of incredible and ecstatic pleasure, but some activities may also produce a bit of penis pain if not practiced carefully. Many men engage in the practice known as penis docking or male docking (or simply docking). For most of these men, docking is both a source of enormous physical sensations and a unique bonding experience with another man; to get the most out of it, men will need to make sure they practice appropriate penis care along the wa...

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