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The Fat Penis - How Important is Girth?

Posted by John Dugan on Sunday, February 1, 2015, In : Men's Health 

It’s no secret that penis length is a huge obsession with many men, but girth is also a topic of concern: Is it okay to have a fat penis? Of course, the size and shape of the tool doesn’t make a difference in the crucial area of penis health, but does a fat penis have an impact on how a woman views a man?

Studies are inconclusive.

Sex studies look at many areas of sexual interaction and satisfaction, but there does not seem to be a definitive scientific answer to the question of what...

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Fat Penis Pride - Owning One’s Chode

Posted by John Dugan on Friday, December 19, 2014, In : Men's Health 

There's an enormous emphasis placed on having a sculpted body by society, but in one area at least a bit of extra heft is welcome - that’s the penis. A penis with a certain girth is often prized by many partners, but when it comes to an actual chode, there seems to be less value attached to the organ. Naturally, penis health is generally of greater importance in the long run than size, but the question of how much girth is acceptable on a fat penis is still one worth examining.

What is a...

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