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Folliculitis Can Cause Itchy Penis Problems

Posted by John Dugan on Friday, August 9, 2019, In : Men's Health 

Some men can’t seem to keep their hands out of their pants, but it’s not necessarily due to an overactive sex drive. No, some men simply have a very itchy penis, the kind that demands it be scratched. As penis health issues go, an itchy penis is one of the very most common – and one of the potentially most embarrassing. Sometimes that itchiness may be due to a reaction to something a guy ate, but there can be other causes as well, such as folliculitis.

A follicle issue

As the name seem...

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An Itchy Penis? Could Be Folliculitis

Posted by John Dugan on Friday, June 10, 2016, In : Men's Health 

It never fails that a guy will suddenly develop an incredibly itchy penis at the most inopportune time - when trying to impress a woman, in the middle of a crucial sales pitch, you name it. The causes of an itchy penis are many, but one that is often overlooked is called folliculitis. Even people who take pains to ensure proper penis health may become a scratch-crazy victim of this common condition.

What is it?

The name folliculitis makes this condition sound much scarier and more seriou...

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