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Hard Penis Science - Why Guys Get Morning Wood

Posted by John Dugan on Monday, April 27, 2015, In : Men's Health 

When a young man wakes up, most of the time he’s not alone: His morning wood is usually there to greet him. An indicator of good penis health, a hard penis upon awakening can help get the day off to a good start. If one has the luxury of time to attend to it, morning wood can allow a man to engage in a little self-gratification. If there’s no time for play, it’s still a friendly reminder that this special friend is always ready for some a.m. fun.

But why do guys get morning wood so o...

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Hard Penis Tips - Other Ways to Use It

Posted by John Dugan on Sunday, April 12, 2015, In : Men's Health 

When a guy has a hard penis, there's usually only one thing on his mind: putting it to work and reaping the benefits of its sturdiness. There are plenty of tips about how to manipulate that hard penis sexually, but why stop there? A man with a good track record in penis care with a tumescent tool at his disposable shouldn't limit himself to a bout in bed (with a partner or himself). Why, if a man puts his mind to it, there must be dozens of good uses for an erect member.

What might some of...

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