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Small Penis Worries: Micropenis or Not?

Posted by John Dugan on Thursday, December 6, 2018, In : Men's Health 

Catching a quick glance at other men’s penises in the locker room – something most guys do on occasion – enables a bro to see how he measures up. Since many men worry needlessly about their penis size, convinced that they must be cursed with a small penis, getting a reality check this way can be reassuring and helpful. Although a small penis is not a penis health concern, a guy could legitimately be concerned if he possesses a true micropenis.


But just what is a micropenis? ...

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Small Penis Facts: The Micropenis

Posted by John Dugan on Monday, April 23, 2018, In : Men's Health 

There’s no sign that men’s anxieties concerning penis size are slowing down; as a matter of fact, some believe that the near-omnipresence of online porn is only making men feel more and more anxious about whether they have a small penis or not. The evidence suggests that the vast majority of men don’t need to worry; though they may not have equipment that would make a horse jealous, most men have more than enough equipment to satisfy themselves and their partners. As a matter of fact, ...

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