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Ignoring Penis Healthcare Can Be A Big Mistake

Posted by John Dugan on Saturday, November 3, 2012, In : Men’s Issues 
For all the pleasure that guys get from their penis and the excitement that it provides, relatively few men pay enough attention to proper penis care. But putting off caring for the penis can have negative repercussions, both in the short term and over a lifetime. Unfortunately, the occasional shower and using protection during sex are not enough to ensure the good health of the penis skin, nerve cells and circulatory tissue.

After reading the information below concerning the problems that ca...

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Penis Skin Rash - 5 Most Common Causes

Posted by John Dugan on Saturday, October 27, 2012, In : Men’s Issues 
Five of the most common penis problems are described here, along with their causes and options for treatment, from medication to the regular use of penis vitamins and minerals that may help to resolve penis problems and promote male intimate health.


Reddened and irritated penis skin which occurs especially after sex, naturally enough raises concerns about the last sexual partner and the possibility of a sexually transmitted disease. While it is always advisable to use protection and...

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