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Will Probiotics Benefit an Itchy Penis?

Posted by John Dugan on Friday, December 14, 2018, In : Men's Health 

When the desire to scratch the penis hits, there’s no fighting it – which is why guys do whatever they can to avoid an itchy penis. Sure, it’s not such a big issue when a dude is all alone or is just hanging out with bros. But when he has an itchy penis situation in front of his girlfriend (or worse, her parents) or in a meeting with his boss, this penis health inconvenience can become a source of major embarrassment. Keeping an itchy penis away may require incorporating several strateg...

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Healthy Penis Friend: Probiotics

Posted by John Dugan on Friday, April 13, 2018, In : Men's Health 

Ah, having a healthy penis is a wonderful thing for a man! When the penis looks good and feels good, a guy feels great all over, with an extra spring in his step and a definite gleam in his eye. Taking necessary steps to ensure good penis health is well worth it. In addition to paying attention to penis hygiene, checking for signs of problems, etc., guys might consider another option which can help make for a healthy penis: taking probiotics.


Most people know about antibiotic...

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Preventing an Itchy Penis with Probiotics

Posted by John Dugan on Thursday, December 14, 2017, In : Men's Health 

Yeast infections are typically identified with women, but they do occur in men as well - and are one of the causes of a persistently itchy penis that wreaks havoc on a man. When a yeast infection is responsible for the itchy penis, it moves from an annoyance and inconvenience into a penis health concern, so taking steps to treat or prevent the condition is essential. One avenue men may want to explore is the possible use of probiotics as a preventive measure.


When an itchy penis i...

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