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An Itchy Penis from Trichomycosis

Posted by John Dugan on Tuesday, October 3, 2017, In : Men's Health 

Why is it that an itchy penis always presents itself at the most inopportune times - on a big date, during a business presentation, etc.? There’s no way to predict when an itchy penis will rear its head, so it’s important to practice excellent penis care to reduce its likelihood of occurrence. In order to do that, guys need to know about possible itchy penis causes - one of the more obscure of which is called trichomycosis pubis.

What it is

Most men have never heard of trichomycosis...

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Penis Odor Cause: Maybe Trichomycosis

Posted by John Dugan on Monday, February 27, 2017, In : Men's Health 

When a powerful stench wafts from a man’s crotch, it can be a major source of embarrassment. As bad as penis odor may be when the penis is safely behind a pair of trousers, imagine how much worse it will be when the penis freed from its confinement. Does that sound like the kind of situation that will inspire a partner to invite the penis over for entertainment? Practicing appropriate penis care is essential for combatting penis odor, but it also pays to know the cause. One of the causes m...

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