Every guy has a penis, and every guy knows that every other guy occasionally has penis problems of one kind or another, whether it’s a funky odor, a rash, a concern about technique or any of a thousand other possible issues. Sometimes, a guy wants to talk over some of these problems with one of his buddies - to get a new perspective, of course - but feels awkward about doing so. It can be difficult, but talking about male issues with another guy is a positive way to ensure penis health and well-being. For those who may have a little difficulty in broaching the subject, here are some words of advice to help plan for what can be a worthwhile talk.

Pick the right pal.

The most important factor in talking about the tool with someone else is picking the right conversation partner. This is an entirely personal decision and is different for every man. Some guys can start talking about their equipment five seconds after meeting a total stranger or in front of a room full of people he’s just met; others would only feel comfortable with someone they’ve known for years, preferably in a quiet spot where there’s no chance of being overheard.

Most often, it’s easiest for a man to talk with someone he considers a pal, a buddy, a bro. But not all pals are created equal; one good friend may be someone you want to go split some brews with, but not have a frank discussion about penis odor. A man should decide what he’s looking for in a "manhood confidante," especially if he’s a bit nervous about having the conversation.

Pick the right time.

Again, this is something that depends on a man’s personal preferences. One guy may want to just casually drop the topic in while playing cards; another may really need to focus on what he’s talking about and needs a time when there are no distractions to get in the way.

Pick the right place.

What works best for this conversation? Is it something that is going to be easier to talk about over the phone, rather than face-to-face? If it’s in person, is a bar the best place? Would it make more sense to do it while chomping down burgers at a favorite hangout? Would it come across better at the friend’s house, or maybe during a drive to the big game?

Pick the right words.

In most cases, opening with something like "Have I ever told you about my penis?" is a non-starter. It sounds too much like a really bad line that a drunken guy would lay down on a girl at a bar. Besides, what’s a guy going to do if the answer is, "No, and you better not start now"?

Each man knows what approach will work best with his friends. With some, a simple, direct approach is best: "Dude, I’ve got a problem with my penis and I really need to talk to someone about it."

Others may find they need to lead into the subject more. Making it part of a larger story can help. "So, listen, I was with this awesome girl the other night, and we were at her place, really getting it on, right? Then all of a sudden, I realized that (insert penis problems here.)

Sometimes it helps to try to make it relatable. "Hey, has this ever happened to you? It’s embarrassing, but…"

Many men find this simple approach best: "You know, I’ve got a problem that I can only talk to my best friend about. I know it’s going to be awkward, but can I tell you about a problem I’m having with my tool?"

Talking with a friend about penis problems can often result in good advice; if nothing else, getting something off his chest makes a guy feel better and creates an important male bonding experience. Many good friends will take advantage of the conversation to make sure their buddies are regularly using a high quality penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). A cream with L-arginine can help blood vessels to "relax" and expand, allowing for increased blood flow in the penile area, while one with vitamin E can help prevent irritated, cracking or dry penile skin for a great looking penis. Adding a penis cream to the daily routine can help nip a variety of penis issues in the bud and prevent them from ever becoming a necessary topic of conversation.