It's often said that men think with their lower head, and it may seem that those with an especially active penis do indeed follow that rule. However, more careful examination reveals that while these constantly-scoring dudes may let their tools lead their thinking process, they don't let them guide their actions. Instead, they use flirting as a tool to get the attention of prospective partners and to move things to the desired outcome. Learning to flirt more effectively (and, naturally, practicing proper penis care) can aid any man in improving his sexual activity rate.

With that in mind, what are some of the flirting methods that men should master?

Make with the eyes.

Contrary to popular belief, flirting isn't all about words; a great deal can be accomplished simply through expert eye use, especially when a man wants to indicate his interest to a stranger before they've actually spoken. Learning how to give a meaningful glance - catching her gaze and staring teasingly into her eyes before turning away - can intrigue many a woman.

Don't forget the smile.

A person's smile says a lot about them. Each man needs to decide in each situation what he wants to convey: playfulness? Warmth? A sense of humor? Intensity? A guy should work on his smile, but don't let it become mechanical; the smile should get across his message, but it should be natural and come from within.

Compliment her - carefully.

Everyone likes to be complimented, but women in a first encounter situation are going to be on the alert for stale lines and obvious pick-up strategies. A guy should be sincere in his flattery and should try to find something original to say. That may mean choosing an unusual body part, piece of clothing/jewelry or other attribute to comment upon, or it may mean going with an obvious subject but finding words or a point of view that make the comment fresh and original.

Keep a joke handy.

Humor is a great way to evoke interest. Men seeking a more active penis can help matters by boning up on good jokes in a range of areas. Of course, they need to be careful about how "clean" the jokes are and definitely start off with harmless humor. A little later on, a joke which is amusingly suggestive may be appropriate, but one which is simply raunchy may not make the desired impression.

Don't rush

No woman wants to feel like a guy is just flirting her up and counting the seconds until she's in his bed. The wise man takes his time and engages a potential partner in interesting conversation that enables him to get to know her- and her to learn about him as well.

Be genuinely interested.

There's nothing quite like feeling that someone is really listening and interested in what one has to say. It's a great feeling for a woman - and it's something a man should enjoy doing. He may be guided by what's behind his zipper, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't take advantage of the opportunity to connect with a woman on a somewhat deeper level. A man and a woman may be heading toward a very physical one night stand, but exhibiting genuine interest in a woman will make her much more likely to take the plunge.

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