Many men will do anything to have a handsome penis, and kudos to them for keeping up with the excellent penis care that can make it possible! But for some, the worries that their penis just isn’t up to par (even if it is just fine indeed) can lead them to look for a type of penis care that is risky, dangerous and certainly not recommended. Herbs for male enhancement is a niche market for those who seek a more handsome penis and aren’t afraid to risk their health to get it.

The truth is that male enhancement herbs, often delivered in the form of pills, are a terrible gamble. They offer no proven benefit but a host of unsavory side effects, some of which can even be deadly for those with underlying medical conditions.

So what can a man expect from male enhancement herbs and pills?

1) Added ingredients. While some herbs might be entirely safe for male enhancement, they way they are packaged is not. Most herbs are not "straight up" in pill form, but rather, mixed with other herbs or solidifying ingredients, and that’s where the problem begins. These added ingredients can be almost anything, especially if the pills come from somewhere outside the United States and are subject to little or no regulation.

2) Illegal chemicals. Speaking of no regulation, it’s entirely possible that chemicals recognized in the United States as causing cancer or serious other problems can make their way into the herb-based pills. For instance, benzyl piperazine, also known as BZP, is a recreational drug similar to amphetamines, and it’s often found in male enhancement pills as a way to "boost" the libido.

3) Interactions with medications. Some of these herbal pills can react dangerously with medications, whether prescription or over the counter. For instance, goat weed is an herbal stimulant said to work in similar fashion to the common "little blue pill." However, it is also an herb that stimulates the heart and blood vessels, which could turn out to be problematic or even fatal for someone who is on certain medications, such as those for blood pressure.

4) Issues with underlying conditions. A man who has any underlying medical conditions, especially one that has not yet been diagnosed, is putting himself at risk with every male enhancement step he takes. This is because there is no way to know how the drug will work in the body, and with the body already somewhat compromised by the underlying medical condition, almost anything could happen.

5) Bothersome symptoms. For some men, the side effects might not be serious at first, but they can build up over time to something that makes a man miserable. Common problems with taking these pills can include headaches, digestive problems, nasal congestion, heart palpitations, joint and muscle pain, skin rashes and much more. In some severe cases, a man might turn out to have an allergy to one of the ingredients, and thus have even more serious side effects, such as trouble breathing.

If a man is truly unhappy with his penis - no matter how much of a handsome penis it is - and wants to look into enhancements, he can do so the responsible way, by speaking to his doctor about the options out there. This is a "better safe than sorry" scenario that will help a guy hold onto his overall health, rather than risk it on something not fully tested.

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