At one time or another, every man has wondered if penis size really matters to his intimate partners. Can it be too small or too big, too girthy or two thin? It sounds like a Dr. Seuss book. This fixation on the size of a man’s penis is a tale as old as time. Believe it or not, big dicks were not all the rage during certain points in history. A smaller member was seen as more refined in some cultures, while a gigantic sword was literally worshipped in others. What’s most surprising today is society really puts the pressure on penis size. Everyone in the modern world knows Pete Davidson has a serious case of BDE (Big Dick Energy). However, when it comes to the individual, studies show that size really doesn’t matter unless it is an extreme. Here’s the lowdown on penis size and the real measure of a good lover.

The Penis Size Study

Researchers at UCLA and Cal State LA tackled the subject when they published a report about women’s satisfaction rate with their partner’s penis. The researchers did a two-part study to collect the maximum amount of data ultimately answering the does penis size really matter debate. In addition to in-person interviews, the researchers posted their survey questions to a wider audience on and as a result, added 26 thousand new responses to their data. The demographic was diverse and included women ages 18 to 65. Men also answered questions as well.

The good news? Over 84 percent of the participants reported being “very satisfied” with their man’s penis. A mere fourteen percent would like a little more BDE in their lives whilst two percent of respondents would actually like something a bit smaller.

Now let’s look at what the dudes said. Two-thirds of the male respondents believed their penises to be “average” which concurred with what women reported about their partners. But wait, here’s the interesting part. Women were only half as likely as men to describe a partner’s penis as small, and more women were likely to call it larger than the men. For instance, men who perceived their penis as small measured in at 12 percent while the women chimed in with only six percent, proving that penis size is all in the eye of the beholder.

5 Ways a Man Be A #1 Lover without a Big Stick

Not every guy is blessed with a big schlong. Honestly, sometimes it’s a curse. It can be too big and hurt a partner or the man owning the mammoth unit could just be a bad lover. Size isn’t everything. In fact, women report that there are five other factors more important than penis size. So, for the men who are feeling a little unhappy with penis size, fear not! Here’s some things to keep in mind when getting down and dirty.

1) Confidence – Men and women both say confidence is the sexiest thing there is. Men should confident in not only what a they have physically, but also what they offer additionally. Swagger, charisma, and a perfected flirting skill prime a partner for sexy time.

2) Partner Focus – Time and time again, women say having a generous lover who really connects and cares about their partner’s pleasure is the hottest thing there is.

3) Foreplay – Taking time to kiss, touch, and excite are all ways to please a partner that have nothing to do with the penis. Enjoy and extend the making out, it’s often the first thing to go in a relationship but it’s what stokes the fire.

4) Oral – Going down on a lady and doing it well will guarantee repeat invitations. Only 15 percent of women can orgasm through penetrative sex, the rest need other direct stimulation, and, in this case, the tongue is mightier than the sword.

5) A Welcoming Member – There is nothing worse than a funky, questionable penis. A well-groomed penis is a must for hot sex. Be sure to meticulously clean and rinse the penis daily and apply a specially formulated penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to keep the penis fresh, pumped up and ready for action. Look for a crème that contains penis health promoters like vitamins A, B, and C and have other amino acids and antioxidants to keep sensitivity at its peak.